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5 Myths About Doggie Day Care


Doggie daycare is a great business to get into if you have an undeniable love for animals. However, there are quite a few myths about Doggy Day Care that could steer the pup’s parents or owner away from ever using these facilities. But a myth is just that, a myth. All it takes is a little research to realize there is no threat behind these myths.So, here are five myths about Doggy Day Care.

1. Doggie day care increases the risk of puppies experiencing separation anxiety
This is far from the truth, in fact the truth is the exact opposite. Bringing a dog to Doggy Day Care could help dogs overcome separation anxiety. The dog will probably be around a lot of people and other dogs, instead of being all alone. This results in the dog actually enjoying daycare. Leaving a dog at home alone is what promotes separation anxiety.

2. Doggie daycare exposes puppies to diseases
Puppies are fully evaluated before being accepted into the facility and most facilities require the pets be up to date on all their shots and vaccinations. Also, there is always a vet around in case of emergency situations. Overall, your puppy will be taken care of and looked after by trained professionals.

3. Doggie daycare makes the dog aggressive towards other dogs
This is actually the opposite as well. Chances are your dog will become more accustomed to being around other dogs. Most facilities will create numerous activities designed to help your dog become more social and interact with other dogs.

4. The dog will get into a fight
Although this could happen and sometimes does, the facilities have professionals that are trained to deal with and defuse any situation quickly. Most facilities have a set up so the dogs are not constantly around each other for the entire day reducing the risks of scuffles. Again, it is always better for a dog to socialize and this process can sometimes include scuffles but that should not deter an owner from socializing their dog.

5. Dogs are not properly watched at daycare
The truth is your dog will be looked after as if he or she was at home. These are people trained in dog behavior, dog raising, dog grooming etc. so it is safe to assume that the puppy will be in good hands.

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