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Doggy Day Care

Looking for doggy day care services? Available Monday through Friday and staffed with a compassionate and trained team, we happily serve multiple areas in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina with professional doggy day care services.

Doggy day care is the best way to ensure that your dog or pup is receiving the attention and care they deserve while you are busy with work, travel or errands. Utilizing our doggy day care services will give dog owners peace of mind while away from your pet!

Why Choose Pet Palace for Doggy Day Care?

Our doggy day care programs are designed to provide the perfect balance of playtime, personal attention and rest for your precious pet while you’re too busy to head home to see how your pup is doing. Our program incorporates five major elements to ensure that your dog receives the best possible care during their stay:

  • Playtime – Supervised small playgroup sessions will have your pup socializing with other dogs in a safe, controlled, environment.
  • Exercise – Our staff will ensure that your dog receives walking time regularly throughout the day.
  • Personal Attention – Your dog will be cared for by a thoughtful, well-trained staff so that they feel loved and welcomed during their stay.
  • Rest – While taking a break from play and exercise, your pup will have time to nap in a spacious and comfortable villa.
  • Convenience: Open Monday through Friday, we offer flexible pick up and drop off times to easily accommodate any schedule. We happily serve multiple areas with professional and personal doggy day care services.

What’s Included in Doggy Day Care?

We offer more than dog sitting – we care for your pet like they are one of our own! Our doggy day care includes the following services:

  • An individual villa with heating and air conditioning
  • Quality bedding material for nap times
  • Feeding sessions based on the duration of stay
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Running and exercise time
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Medication and health monitoring, if necessary
  • Playtime with their favorite toy

Add The Extras To Give Your Dog Spa-Like Treatment!

For an additional fee, you can add extras for your pups stay at doggy day care, including grilled chicken or steak meals, specialty treats like Kongs, or any of our grooming services to treat your dog to a spa-like day:

  • Bath – including a conditioning soak
  • Fluff – a dry done completely by hand
  • Toenail polish – for ultra pretty paws
  • Teeth brushing – fresher breath and healthier teeth
  • The Furminator – for pets who shed a lot
  • Pet massage – for pets experiencing tension, poor circulation or limited range motion.

Make a Reservation Today!

Contact us for pricing, to tour your local Pet Palace or to make your reservation today. We have several doggy day care locations throughout Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina.

Our locations include: