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We hear it constantly from the folks that entrust us with their pets – their dogs and cats can’t wait to get inside the Pet Palace facility! Those wagging tails and energetic entrances serve as our biggest compliments to the services we provide day in and day out.

Whether you’re looking for an extended stay, or a simple doggie’s day out, we have the accommodations to meet the specific needs of your pet.

Pet Boarding Services

Our fully staffed boarding services set us apart from average kennels and doggie daycare facilities. Offering tidy overnight rooms and spacious play areas, our facility is perfect for the unique needs and attention span of your pet.



Whether staying in our individual villas or in one of our luxurious royal suites, your dog will enjoy their extended stay with Pet Palace. Our professionally trained staff monitors your dog’s diet, provides personal interaction, and even keeps track of medical records!




While you’re away, you want to know that someone is looking after your cat consistently. Our staff will monitor your cat’s diet, feed them on schedule, and take the time to play with them. Your cat will love the personal touch provided by Pet Palace!

Other Services

At Pet Palace, we are more than just a drop-off extended stay for your pet. From daycare options to professional grooming, we offer services that will give your pet playful days and sleepless nights!



Your pet will absolutely love their time at daycare. They will enjoy interacting with our staff, playing in monitored playgroups, and resting in our spacious individual villas. Our facilities are always clean and always fully staffed to ensure the safety and well being of your precious pet.   Stop by our facility to check it out!



Much more than a bath and trim, our pet spa treats your pet to a personal grooming appointment. Under the care of a professionally trained groomer, your pet will receive a shampoo bath specially designed for their fur, a trim, and toenail clippings. We even offer pet message services to pamper your pet!

Our Locations

Our Pet Palace locations include: