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Dog Boarding Services

We make goodbye a little less “ruff” with our Dog Boarding services.

We know that it can be a taxing experience to leave your pooch behind while you head out of town. You shouldn’t have to worry about your dog while you’re away – fretting over whether the family friend or neighbor is keeping up with the feeding schedule and giving your pup the attention she deserves.

This is why we’re here – to give you peace of mind by providing a professional and fun dog boarding environment for your dog while you’re away. Our staff will ensure that your pup is surrounded with attention and love until you get back home.

A doggy hotel of the 5-star variety.

Whether you choose our standard dog villas or the royal dog boarding suite, you can be confident that your pup will be treated like our preferred guest while you’re away.

Best Rooms Around

Our dog villas and suites are equipped with heating and air conditioning to ensure the comfort of your pup regardless of the temperature outside. Our rooms are spacious for any size dog, fitted with quality bedding and a host of available extras to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Our housekeeping services ensure that your dog’s sleeping area is cleaned daily.

Plenty of Exercise and Play

Your pup will be taken on multiple outdoor bathroom breaks, and exercise time throughout the day. We also give you the option to schedule additional play and exercise time for your dog in our spacious outdoor or indoor play areas.

Personal Attention

When you choose dog boarding with Pet Palace, our staff will collect specific information about your pup to ensure proper care and to replicate their home environment as closely as possible. We’ll ask about:

  • Feeding patterns and preferences
  • Medical history and medications
  • How your dog interacts with other dogs
  • What makes your dog happy or upset

Quality Staff

Our staff is trained to ensure your dog receives the best possible dog boarding experience. Our boarding team will monitor your pup’s health and keep records of their stay. We provide fresh water consistently and feed your dog premium pet food. If preferred, we also allow owners to bring dog food from home in pre-measured and pre-marked baggies.

A Little Something Extra

Boarding your dog at Pet Palace will give your dog the attention and love deserved while you’re away. We’re so confident in our dog boarding services that we provide you with access to our boarding webcams so that you can check in on your best friend from time to time while you’re away.

Goodbye Doesn’t Have to Be so “Ruff.” 

When you choose dog boarding with Pet Palace, you can be confident that your pup will enjoy personal attention, exemplary care, and plenty of love from our professional dog boarding staff. Make your reservation today at one of our Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, or North Carolina locations:

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