While planning your vacation, we understand that finding a safe place for your pets can be stressful. At Pet Palace, we take pride in our open and clean facility. We encourage our clients to stop by and take a tour at their convenience. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about us!

Pet Palace Columbus Reviews

I have bringing my dog here for several weeks now and am still amazed at how teriffic the team here is each day and how much my dog can't wait to enjoy her day there! The folks are warm, friendly and take great care of her, I really believe that she thinks this is her second home. It is very comforting to be able to leave my pet with these guys and know that she will be not only cared for, but really treated as a loved member of the "Pet Palace" family. You can't go wrong trusting this group, believe me!!

Ted Booth

Dexter's Mom: FANTASTIC PLACE! I took my corgi to Pet Palace after he started exhibiting poor behavior during and after his visits at a home-based daycare/boarding facility. He didn't act excited to see the folks who owned it and would wait at the door trying to leave with me. His manners at home were also digressing. I was nervous about how he would react to a new place, but the first time I took him to the Pet Palace, he didn't even look back to say goodbye! The staff is super friendly, and were very patient with my anxiety the first couple days (and the first couple of overnights stays). They are always eager to share more information about who Dexter played with, how he ate, etc. The real sign that this is a great place, is that Dexter is always excited to see the staff members. Additionally, I had him groomed with the option of the 'furminator' and can't believe how much it has helped. He looked fantastic and is shedding a lot less! I'll definitely use their grooming services again. You can rest easy if you decide to bring your pet to this great facility. The staff shares stories about their own animals and it's obvious that they really love to take care of cats and dogs alike!

A Google User

Won't take my dog anywhere else! Always friendly, clean and SUPER responsive. We have emailed them while on vacation, and 5 minutes later they are taking care of our request (we could see it in the web cam!) Our dog is really shy and she always comes back happy; we tried another place a few years ago, and our dog came back traumatized. We have been using them religiously for 4+ years now without any issues or complaints.

A Google User

I have two labs and travel frequently for my work, I take my boys to Pet Palace and they practically pull my arm off to get inside. We have been going there a long time and the staff is always friendly and seem genuinely excited to see my dogs. I know Red and Strider are well taken care of and have a good time while I am away.

A Google User

My wife and I have a boxer mix puppy (9 mo old) with abundant energy. We both try to keep up with walks and visits to the dog park, but it isn't always enough. We've settled on taking Zoey (our dog) to Pet Palace once or twice per week for doggy day care. Zoey loves it there and is always straining at the leash to get inside the building, and the play groups allow Zoey to get most of her "ya-ya's" out while we are at work. We use Pet Palace for day care and for Boarding, when needed. All we care about is that our dog is happy, and she is always happy when we drop her off and when we pick her up from the Airport Pet Palace location.

Jake Anderson

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