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Everything You Need To Know About Boarding Your Dog in Dublin, Ohio.

Spending time away for your pooch can be quite the overwhelming experience. That little critter has a way of staying on your mind even when you’re far apart. If you’re looking for a lodging facility for your dog, we’ve got all the information you need to know to help you choose the perfect facility and service for your best friend.

Doggie Daycare

Need a few hours to yourself to get things done?

Have an important meeting and simply can’t be distracted?

Doggie Daycare allows your dog to exercise and socialize in a controlled environment so that you get things done.

Dog Boarding Services

If you’re going out of town for a few days or a couple of weeks, boarding your dog gives you the peace of mind that they are given personal attention and quality care in your absence. Boarding your dog lets you enjoy your vacation or business trip.

Why Should I Invest in Doggie Daycare

Those little fur babies are no different than children, requiring constant attention and care while quickly stealing our hearts. Some days, you may find that you are simply unable to provide the attention that your pet needs. That doesn’t make you a bad dog owner – it just means that you are busy! Doggie daycare can be the perfect solution for those days when you’re overwhelmed with a full schedule or a houseful of guests.

Doggie Daycare is the perfect choice for when:

  • Your work demands extra hours and attention
  • You have guests coming over for a get-together
  • Your kids’ schedules keep you away from the house all day
  • You need some time to yourself for errands and chores

Enrolling your dog in doggie daycare services ensures that they receive proper attention on the days when you’re simply unavailable.
Discover how to get started with doggie daycare in Dublin, Ohio.

Why Should I Board My Dog When I Leave Town?

It’s a fair question — why spend the money to board your dog when you can simply pay a few bucks to a family friend or neighbor to pop in and check on your pup while you’re gone?

Dog boarding services provide around-the-clock care for that furball of energy you call your best friend. Boarding resorts provide trained staff members who monitor your dog’s health and happiness, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for him or her in your absence.

Trained Staff

A professionally trained dog boarding resort gives full-time attention:

  • Keeping detailed records of your dog’s behavior
  • Monitoring your dog’s health daily
  • Spending quality time with your dog throughout the day
  • Ensuring that your dog has fresh food and water

Family Friend

A family friend can only provide limited care:

  • Stopping by for a few minutes to feed your dog
  • Can typically only let your dog out once a day
  • Alerting you if there’s a noticeable problem with your dog
  • Limited in the time they can spend with your dog

A trained staff and controlled environment makes all the difference while you’re away!

Ensure that your dog is given the proper attention and care while you’re away by boarding them in a quality dog boarding resort.

How to choose the perfect dog boarding facility in Dublin, Ohio


Ask Around

Give your fellow dog-owning friends a call and ask if they’ve boarded their pets, and where they might recommend. Your vet should also have a good insight into reputable dog boarding facilities and dog kennels with a notorious reputation.


Make A Visit

Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a couple of dog kennels, schedule a visit to tour their facilities. On these visits, make sure to assess the following:

  • Outdoor and indoor play areas — are the play areas large enough for your dog? Are these areas monitored by staff members, or are dogs free to roam as they please?
  • Feeding schedules — ask about the consistency of feeding schedules adhered to by the kennel. Most boarding facilities feed at morning and evening times.
  • Sleeping quarters — are the sleeping areas clean and maintained well? Do the rooms appear comfortable for dogs?
  • Staff involvement — do staff members enjoy their jobs? Do they seem to treat the animals with care? Are they trained to administer the medication your dog requires?
  • Dog integration — how are the dogs introduced to each other in the general population? What precautions are in place to protect your dog from more aggressive breeds?
  • Signs of neglect — do you notice any dogs that seem to be isolated during your visit? Do you see any signs that dogs have been punished or abused in some way?


Check out your potential pet boarding resort on-line for reviews and brand mentions. Ask the kennel for any material they can provide to help you make your decision.

How to prep your dog for a stay in a boarding facility

Staying in a boarding facility can be both exciting and stressful for your dog. If you’re concerned that you’re dog will have a tough time adjusting to your absence, we recommend the following steps to help prepare him for his extended stay:

Try Out a Test Run

This is a great idea, especially if your dog is not used to being away from you for extended periods of time. A week before you leave town, enroll your dog in doggie day care to help him or her grow accustomed to the sights and sounds of the boarding facility.

Allow Plenty of Time to Drop Off Your Dog

This is a great idea, especially if your dog is not used to being away from you for extended periods of time. A week before you leave town, enroll your dog in doggie day care to help him or her grow accustomed to the sights and sounds of the boarding facility.

Three items to bring with you when boarding your dog

When dropping off your dog for an extended stay at a boarding resort, we highly recommend bringing the following items in a washable, canvas tote bag:

1. Medical Paperwork and Medicines

You should provide the kennel with copies of your dog’s vaccination records, especially current records for rabies shots, DHLPP, and bordetalla (kennel cough) vaccines. You should also include your emergency contact information, as well as a back-up emergency contact in case of an emergency situation.

2. Special Food and Treats

A quality dog boarding facility will only use choice, premium dog foods during feeding. Most dog kennels allow you to leave your preferred food and snacks with your dog. Simply fill a zip lock baggie with the daily allotment of food for your dog and inform the kennel staff member that you’re leaving food with your dog.

3. Comfort Items from Home

Staying in an unfamiliar environment can be a taxing experience for your dog. Help settle anxiety by leaving a familiar toy or blanket from home. Providing your dog with familiar smells and toys from home will help them relax during their stay.

5 things that make Pet Palace the perfect boarding resort for your dog in Dublin, Ohio

At Pet Palace, we make saying goodbye a little less “ruff.” We provide a doggy hotel of the 5 star variety to give you peace of mind while you’re away. Our facility ensures that your pup is treated like a preferred guest during their stay.

The Best Rooms in Town

We have dog villas and special suites fully equipped with heating, air conditioning, and even TV’s! Let your dog rest comfortably in our spacious and clean doggie rooms.

Personal Attention

Your pet deserves personal attention, and our trained staff will be sure to collect specific information about your dog’s play habits, eating schedules, social skills, and sleeping habits to ensure proper and consistent care.

Plenty of Exercise and Play

Your pup will be treated to exercise and play time in our spacious outdoor activity areas, as well as our indoor exercise room. Our staff will ensure that your dog is taken for a walk and bathroom breaks consistently throughout the day.

Quality Staff

Each staff member at Pet Palace is trained to provide your dog with personal and professional care, paying attention to every single detail of your pup’s stay. We’ll make sure that your dog is happy and content while you’re away.

The Extra Things

We know that it’s hard to be away from your dog during those long vacations or business trips. We provide access to our dog boarding webcams located in our facilities, so that you can check in from time to time while you’re away.

When you board your dog at Pet Palace in Dublin OH, you can rest assured that they will receive professional care, remarkable attention, and plenty of love while you’re away on that relaxing vacation or successful business trip.