Cleveland East Reviews

While planning your vacation, we understand that finding a safe place for your pets can be stressful. At Pet Palace, we take pride in our open and clean facility. We encourage our clients to stop by and take a tour at their convenience. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about us!

Pet Palace Cleveland East Reviews

We LOVE Pet Palace. We were in search of a Doggy Daycare for our almost 1 year old Boston Terrier, Charlie. We happened to drive by Pet Palace about a month ago when they had just opened. We stopped in to get more information and the manager was very accommodating and informative and more than willing to give us a tour. The staff was friendly, the facility is very clean and well lit, the dog suites are spacious (and adorably decorated). There are multiple areas for the dogs to play including outdoor space. They separate the big dogs from the little dogs, which was important to us, being that Charlie is on the smaller side.

A little back story....We had had a negative experience about a month earlier with another Doggy Daycare facility. Nothing traumatic but we felt it was loud, crowded, and just got an overall bad vibe. Charlie seemed to be stressed out by the whole situation and didn't seem to like it after a trial run.

So going into Pet Palace we (and Charlie) were somewhat apprehensive. Charlie is a happy and rambunctious puppy but is definitely shy around new people/situations.We have been to Pet Palace close to a dozen times now and Charlie has certainly come out of his shell! The staff is excited to see him when we walk in the door, knows him by name and has taken the time to make him feel comfortable spending time there, including one-on-one time with him.
And when he comes home at the end of the day he is pooped!

We are so happy we found Pet Palace. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a day care for their pup!

Lauren F.
Beachwood, OH

Pet Palace took great care of my 2 Shi Tzuhs. They boarded there for 11 days in an extra large room where they had a bed, 2 blankets and a bowl of water at all times. They were taken out 3 times a day free of charge but I also added group play. I was watching them through the web cam several times a day and I could tell they were not stressed out. I particularly liked the evaluation sheet that came with them stating what they liked to play and with whom (dogs of course). Poco had to take one oral medication, ear drops and eye drops twice a day. They sure gave him his meds because his lesions were gone. I am very very pleased with the service. My dogs came back happy and clean together with a pillow that I sent with them. It was also cleaned for me. Thank you Pet Palace

Manal H.
Almont, MI