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Nestled along the banks of three rivers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offers a mix of modernity, diverse culture, and rich history, letting everybody in the family, including your furry friend, find something to enjoy. At Pet Palace, we provide pet grooming in Pittsburgh so that your companion can partake in the various activities the city has to offer, all while maintaining a fresh, clean coat.

Our team also understands that dropping your pet off for grooming can be difficult, which is why we ensure that each pet receives custom and personalized care with every visit. Discover the amenities that come with our cat and dog grooming in Pittsburgh today!

Why Pet Grooming Is Essential

Introducing grooming to your pet, especially at a young age, can be incredibly important and directly contribute to their overall well-being. This is because grooming:

  • Increases socialization
  • Controls shedding
  • Prevents medical issues
  • Ensures positive health
  • And more!

These aspects make grooming one of the key pieces to helping your pet have a healthy life, something all pet owners care about.

About Cat and Dog Grooming at Our Pittsburgh Location

Our staff is comprised of pet-loving individuals who are passionate about each animal that walks into our facility. In each session for dog or cat grooming in Pittsburgh, our professionals are committed to treating your pet as if they were our own, ensuring they feel comfortable and happy throughout the entire pet grooming process.

Looking to schedule your pet’s next pampering? If so, some of the dog and cat grooming packages that we offer at Pet Palace include:

  • Bath and brush out package – This includes two premium shampoo baths, as well as a conditioner treatment, light brushing, ear cleaning/plucking, and toenail trim.
  • Full groom package – All the services as part of our bath and brush out package are included in our full groom, with the addition of a head-to-toe haircut or shave down, depending on your preference.
  • Basic trim package – This service is for those wanting the bath and brush out package plus a light trim. Our basic cuts include addressing the chest, belly, rear, face, paw pads, sanitary area, and tail.
  • Puppy package – In this $20 package, a bath and brush out are included, plus a sanitary trim if needed. This option’s price is offered for puppies up to 5 months of age and can be considered an introduction to grooming.
  • Furminator treatment package – This package is a perfect add-on service to any of the offerings listed above. The Furminator treatment helps reduce shedding by up to 80% and includes a special Furminator shampoo and conditioner along with additional brushing once your pet is clean and dry. 

FAQs About Our Dog and Cat Grooming in Pittsburgh

We understand that navigating the needs for pet grooming in Pittsburgh can raise a variety of questions, and that’s why our team is here to help you. Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or a first-time dog or cat parent, feel free to check out these common questions to better comprehend the grooming process and how it applies to your furry companion.

How often should I have my pet groomed?

The frequency of grooming will depend on your pet’s coat type, breed, and individual needs. On average, though, you should be taking your furry friend for a cat or dog grooming session in Pittsburgh every 4-6 weeks for the best results.

What should I do if my pet is nervous during grooming?

Pets can definitely be spooked by going to the groomer, as a new environment with unfamiliar sights and smells can be quite overwhelming. With that in mind, some things that you can do to prepare them for a trip to the groomer include starting and keeping up with grooming at home and scheduling an appointment ahead of time, among other things.

How often do pets need their nails trimmed?

Consistently trimming your dog’s or cat’s nails is very important. We recommend a 2- to 3-week schedule to keep them away from short-term pain or long-term damage.

For more information about the process, feel free to check out our guide to nail trimming at home, or ask one of our Pittsburgh pet grooming professionals during your next visit!

Can you provide breed-specific grooming styles?

Yes, our groomers are professionally trained to follow grooming styles that accommodate your pet’s breed and characteristics. However, if you have a specific style in mind that you would prefer, we are happy to tailor our practices to meet your expectations.

Is cat grooming or bathing a necessity?

Cats do a wonderful job of keeping themselves clean. Though self-cleaning can be effective, it still doesn’t compare to the professional cat grooming in Pittsburgh that our team offers, especially for cats with longer fur that requires more frequent brushing.

Additionally, you may notice your cat needs grooming when they have matted fur or preexisting skin conditions. To prevent issues from progressing, make sure you are consistently assessing the condition of your cat’s coat and booking pet grooming appointments when needed! 

Schedule Your Pittsburgh Pet Grooming Session Today

Whether you’re looking for some extra pampering or just need to maintain general upkeep for your pet, our passionate team is more than happy to help. Your pet’s royal treatment awaits at Pet Palace, where excellence meets companionship.

If you’re interested in our Pittsburgh dog grooming or cat grooming, book your appointment today. And if you want to learn more about what sets us apart or have further questions, be sure to contact our team.