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Cat Grooming 101

cat grooming 101Have you ever struggled to groom your cat? You’re probably laughing at the very question. After all, who hasn’t, right?? If grooming makes you and your cat gloomy, then you need to read this. We’ll explain how to hold your cat still, what to do when your cat’s fur is matted, and how to avoid getting scratched.

How Can I Hold My Cat Still for Grooming?

The best way to keep your cat still for grooming is to help it develop a positive association with the brush. So, we recommend you start out by just holding the brush while interacting with your cat. Let your cat sniff it and rub it if he want to, but don’t actually do any brushing.

After a few days, you can start stroking your cat with your hand while holding the brush. Again, you don’t want to actually brush your cat, you just want to use your hand. Once you’re finished, allow your cat to sniff the brush and then reward him with a treat or some extra petting.

In time, your cat will start to view the brush positively. Once that occurs, you can start moving it softly against your cat’s face. If your cat seems relaxed, you can even try gentle brushing along the neck or back. With time and practice, your cat will gradually get used to being groomed.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t want to rush this process. If at any time your cat seems uncomfortable, quit for the time being and slowly try again in a day or two.

How Can I Groom a Cat with Matted Fur?

To groom a cat with matted fur, you’re going to want to reach for a wide-toothed comb. Then, start working on the mat from the ends first. As you begin to untangle, keep moving your way closer, toward your cat’s skin. While you’re combing, remember to gently hold your cat’s skin down as you begin to work the mat out. Doing this will prevent uncomfortable, painful tugging.

If a wide-tooth comb doesn’t do the trick, you can also use something called a mat comb or razor comb. It’s a brush with recessed blades that will cut your cat’s fur while you’re brushing.

While you might be tempted to use a scissors, we don’t recommend that because it’s too easy to accidentally hurt your cat.

How Can I Groom My Cat Without Being Scratched?

If your cat is especially nervous about being groomed, you might feel like scratches are inevitable. However, oftentimes a wrapped towel can help.

Simply lay a towel down flat and place a can of cat food on the towel. Once your cat lays down to eat, you can loosely wrap both sides of the towel around your cat’s back.

You can then shift the towel slightly to groom your cat’s fur while it eats. Just remember to try this process while you’re already relaxed or your cat will sense your anxiety.

What Can I Do If I Still Need Help Grooming My Cat?

If you still need help grooming your cat, it’s time to call in a professional. At Pet Palace, we offer lots of pampering and TLC during grooming sessions, making your cat feel like the member of royalty it is. Learn more now about the special cat grooming services we offer at our deluxe pet spa.

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