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The Benefits of Dog Boarding

benefits of dog boarding

Planning a vacation can be an exciting and stressful time, especially if you have a pet. At Pet Palace, we understand that choosing a caregiver for your dog is a difficult task – one that we can help with. There are numerous benefits of dog boarding with Pet Palace, both for you, and for your dog.

Choosing to Board Your Dog

As you start vacation planning, it’s likely you’ll consider various questions related to what to do with your dog while you’re away. Could you have a friend check on them or a family member keep them? Will they be comfortable there? Will they get along with the other pets or children in those scenarios? Is there an option for care that puts your mind at ease and one that prioritizes your dog’s safety and happiness while you’re away?

At Pet Palace, we have years of experience in pet care, our staff are thoroughly trained, and our pet resort is equipped with everything we need to keep your pets safe, happy, and engaged while you’re gone. With us, the benefits of dog boarding are plentiful. Plus, they will simplify your trip planning and allow you relax knowing that your dog is in good hands while you’re on vacation.

Dog Boarding Benefits: Nutrition, Safety and Active Engagement

We prioritize your dog’s well-being in a number of ways, with nutrition, safety, and activity being primary focuses.

Nutrition and Safety

  • We inquire about your pet’s food allergies and feeding rituals before their stay with us. We want to make sure that we mirror their home eating habits as closely as possible so that we don’t disrupt the routine that they’re used to. Leaving your pet to be checked on by a friend can put them at risk of running out of food or water, especially if it’s inadvertently spilled by your dog.
  • Our staff will always ensure that your dog has water available and is fed on time and in a routine. If preferred, we allow you to bring dog food from home in pre-measured baggies. Our ultimate goal is to keep your pet as comfortable and happy as possible without disrupting their regular routine and eating habits.
  • In addition to making sure we are cautious about your pet’s allergies and mindful of their feeding schedule, if your dog requires care while boarding with us, we’ll be sure to take your dog to their regular vet. We understand the importance of your pet being seen by their regular provider in an emergency situation.

Active Engagement

  • We make sure that your dog receives plenty of time outside. Just as outside time is refreshing, and good for us as humans, we know that it’s good for your pet, too. One of the many benefits of dog boarding is that your pet will get ample time outside for play and potty breaks.
  • Additionally, when your pet stays with us at Pet Palace, they’ll receive personal attention from our staff. We’ll make sure we know how your dog interacts with other dogs, what activities they love, and which activities to avoid.

A Vacation for Your Dog, Too

Leaving your pet behind while you’re on vacation doesn’t have to be sad or stressful, as it can be a vacation for your dog, too! One of our favorite benefits of dog boarding is that you can choose from one of our standard dog villas or reserve the royal dog boarding suite for your fur baby. Our spacious villas set us apart from other boarding kennels. We make sure that your dog has plenty of room whether they’re napping, relaxing, or playing.

Our standard dog villas are each equipped with:

  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Quality bedding
  • Daily housekeeping

Our cozy villas make saying goodbye a little easier. You can vacation in peace knowing that your dog is safe, comfortable, and happy. Plus, with our pet cams, you don’t have to fight the urge to check in. Our boarding webcams provide you with easy access to check in on your best friend while you’re away.

A Stress-Free Vacation

One of several benefits of dog boarding with Pet Palace is that the process is seamless. From planning to drop-off to pick-up, we’re experts when it comes to taking care of your pet.

Boarding your dog with us will allow you to focus on planning your vacation and enjoying it while you’re there. You won’t have to worry about the disruptions you experience when you leave your dog with a friend. We make sure we have all of the info we need to keep your dog active, healthy, and happy while you’re away.

The Benefits of Dog Boarding with Pet Palace

When your best friend boards with us, you receive our royal standard benefits:

  • Custom pricing – With our à la carte pricing structure, you’ll only pay for what your pet needs and you’ll have the choice of what services your pet receives while in our care.
  • Top-rated locations – Our staff are thoroughly trained to care for and interact with your dog and they’ll treat them as if they were their own.
  • 24-hour pet safe program – We provide secure accommodations for your dog with experienced management on call 24/7.
  • Supervised outdoor play and potty breaks – You can rest assured that your dog will have ample time outside both for potty breaks and for play overseen by our staff.
  • Spacious and clean facilities – Your dog’s villa is cleaned daily to ensure that they remain in a tidy space.
  • High staff-to-pet ratio – Our high ratio means that we’re able to maintain your pet’s feeding schedule, administer medication, and customize their experience. Our staff is comprised of people who love pets; we make sure of it. Your dog will be cared for by someone who has a passion for animals.

Contact Us Today to Board Your Dog

Ready to start planning your trip? Find the Pet Palace location that’s most convenient for you and your pet and book a stay! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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