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Premier Pet Boarding in Mason, Ohio

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on October 24, 2022

Pet Palace, a premier pet boarding service with locations in various cities, is here to help you take care of your pet while you’re on the run! Bring your dog to Pet Palace to have a fun playdate, while also receiving the royal pet treatment. We know finding a dog boarding location near Mason may feel… Read More

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Kitten Boarding for the First Time? Here’s How to Make It a Smooth Experience

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on October 20, 2022

If you’re a kitten owner, you’ll know that they are certainly creatures of habit. That means their kitten boarding experience can be scary at first since they love being in the comfort of their own homes. However, there are tons of things you can do to make your cat’s stay feel like a home away… Read More

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The Best Dog Breeds for Those Who Work All Day

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on October 13, 2022

Working in the 21st century is busier and harder than ever because balancing work, family, and friends can be extremely challenging. Often, all of these factors can cause overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety, which is why a lot of people want to bring in a furry friend to combat these negative emotions. Many people… Read More

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Puppy Training at Pet Palace

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on October 6, 2022

Here at Pet Palace, we’re proud to provide puppy obedience training programs for a variety of skill levels and ages. Maybe you added a new pup to the family who needs some basic training, or maybe you have an adult dog who needs some manners at the dinner table. No matter the case, puppy training… Read More

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