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Need Reliable Pet Boarding in Worthington, Ohio? Choose Pet Palace

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on December 28, 2023

As a notable suburb of Franklin County, Worthington, Ohio is just a short 15-minute drive from the heart of downtown Columbus. Found at the intersection of U.S. State Route 23 and State Route 161, its location provides endless accessibility to residential attractions, picturesque natural landscapes, and more. When you need to step away from your… Read More

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The Five Benefits of Obedience Training

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on December 28, 2023

When bringing a new puppy into your life, you see them initially as the most perfect animal in existence. As time goes on, you may notice, although, that no matter how cute your dog is, they will probably need some training to curtail bad behaviors. Pet Palace is here to help you understand why obedience training… Read More

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The Best Indoor, Dog-Friendly Businesses in Indianapolis

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on December 28, 2023

Do you enjoy bringing your furry friend with you wherever you go but struggle to find a comfortable place indoors during the cold winter months? With the brisk air quickly approaching and dog parks soon to be snow covered, it might be difficult to get your dog out and about, but there are definitely options this… Read More

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The Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on December 28, 2023

Dog training can truly benefit all pups, but there are some more obedient dog breeds that are easier to train than others. No matter the breed, though, we at Pet Palace are ready to give your pup the care, attention, and instruction they need to become better behaved and well adjusted. Pet Palace’s training programs… Read More

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