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Heartworm: What You Need To Know About Prevention

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on April 25, 2017

While virtually every pet owner has heard about the risk of heartworms, many of them don’t know much about the disease itself and why prevention is so important. At Pet Palace, we aim to change that. Learn what heartworms are, how they’re transmitted, and why vets so strongly emphasize prevention. What Are Heartworms? Heartworms are… Read More

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How to Prepare Your Cat for Their First Boarding Stay

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on June 16, 2016

Summer is upon us and that means one thing, vacations! It also means you will likely have to make arrangements for your pets. When it comes to cats, most people think they can be left alone for a few days as long as they have ample food and water. The truth is, they need daily… Read More

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Fun DIY Treats for Your Cat

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on March 23, 2016

If you find yourself watching cat videos on YouTube for hours on end, you may be a cat lover! As a matter of fact, we, too, are cat lovers and happen to enjoy our feline friends just as much! This is why we think you should go the extra mile to give your beloved kitties… Read More

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How to Make Sure Your Pets are Cared for This Christmas

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on December 22, 2014

Traveling over the holidays can be a lot of fun, but pet parents often worry about their animals when they’re on the road. Having seen our share of anxious parents, we have the 411 on how you can breathe easier, knowing that your dog or cat is comfortable and well-cared for while you’re away: Prepare… Read More

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4 Reasons Why You Should Groom Your Pet

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on July 31, 2014

You’ve probably heard a number of times that it’s important to groom your pet, but do you know why? There are a number of great reasons for pet grooming, and they have nothing to do with keeping your pet looking attractive for photo ops!  Check out why we consider grooming to be a top priority… Read More

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