5 Ridiculously Cute Halloween Costumes for Dogs

5 Epically Cute Halloween Costumes for Dogs

With Halloween right around the corner, perhaps you’ve been looking at your dog with a new gleam in your eye as you daydream about pet costumes.  Fortunately, we’ve got the 411 on adorable costumes this Halloween.  Check out some epically cute Halloween costumes that are not only charming, but also budget-friendly.


Does your dog behave like royalty around your house, turning its nose up when you offer it “inferior” food and hogging the sofa with lengthy naps?   Consider a prince or princess costume this year.   Not only can your dog act like royalty–on October 31st, it can look like royalty too!  Available at Target, $18.

Hippie Dog Costume


Longing for flower power, Woodstock, and the free spirit of the 60s?  How about turning your dog into a hippie this year?  The components to this simple costume can be purchased online and easily assembled at home—just pick up a fun wig, some groovy fabric to fashion a bandanna, and add some sunglasses.  Your dog will look far-out!  For more great costumes you can make at home, check out Disney’s Family website.

Hot Dog

Hot dog, have we got an idea for you!  Turn your dog into a popular staple of American cuisine.  For extra fun, serve hot dogs on Halloween and watch your dog’s eyes widen in horror when dinner is served.  We’re kidding!  Available at Walmart, $8.


Color us speechless at how adorable this crayon costume is.  Expect to be tickled pink when you see your pooch strut around the neighborhood in this suave 2-piece ensemble.  Available at Oriental Trading, $13.


The winds of change are upon us as crisp fall days begin to give way to snowfall and holiday parties.  Let your dog celebrate the transformation with this cute butterfly costume.  This no-frills outfit is great for the dog who likes to dress down.  Available at Target, $10-$17.

As you can see, there are lots of epically cute costumes for your pooch that are budget-friendly.    And whether your dog dreams of being a pretty pink princess or an outta sight hippie, there’s a costume out there to make him or her feel special.   To you and your pooch this season, Happy Halloween from the staff at Pet Palace Resort!

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