5 Ways To Make Grooming Fun For Your Pet

5 Ways to Make Grooming Fun for Your Pet


Grooming is very important not only to keep your pet looking his or her best, but also to help the two of you bond.  But wait, you say—my pet hates being groomed!  How are we bonding if he’s giving me the evil eye while I’m brushing him?  If your dog or cat doesn’t enjoy being groomed, we have some tips for how you can make it more enjoyable for your pet.

Keep It Short

No, we don’t mean your pet’s fur, we mean the grooming session!  Rather than letting pet hair go untamed for long periods of time, keep up with grooming regularly so that the sessions can be brief ones, ranging from between 5 to 10 minutes.

Give Compliments Like Crazy

Pets really do respond to positive feedback.  Throughout the grooming session, pile on the praise and let your dog or cat know how well they’re doing.

Handle Your Pet Early and Often

If your pet is still a young one, it’s a good idea to get him accustomed to being touched.  Make sure to touch your pet regularly, especially his paws.  By doing so, you’ll help him to relax during his grooming sessions that much more.

Buy A Special “Grooming” Toy

It’s a good idea to have a special toy that you allow your pet to play with only during grooming sessions.  It will give him something enjoyable to do while you take care of business.  A chew toy works great for dogs, as it typically remains stationary and keeps dogs distracted.  Cats, on the other hand, can be given a little catnip to ease their grooming distress.  You may even want to consider a self-groomer with catnip for your cat—they’re a feline favorite!

Generously Dole Out Treats

Each time your pet goes through a stage of grooming—getting into the tub, having a nail clipped, or being brushed for a few minutes—hand over a treat.  Try giving out treats that aren’t “everyday” ones and that instead, are used only for your special grooming sessions.

By following these tips, you’ll find that the experience is that much smoother and your pet enjoys it much more.  Even better?  No more evil eye when the brush comes out! For a full-service grooming experience for your pet, schedule a visit with us!

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