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7 Tips to Finding a Good Dog Daycare

Let’s face it: your dog is part of your family, right? You want what’s best for him and you certainly don’t want him to suffer. What do you do, then, when he needs Doggy Day Care? You don’t want to just open the YellowPages and pick someone at random. 2297Here are 7 tips on how to find a good dog daycare for your pet.

Ask Around
Ask your vet if she can recommend a good daycare that’s appropriate for your pet. Vets will know if a daycare has a good reputation and will especially be aware if they have a bad reputation. You can also ask friends, coworkers and neighbors. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

Drop In
Drop in unexpectedly to see first hand how the facility and dogs are kept. If a daycare center insists you cannot drop in to check things out, take that as a warning flag and cross them off your list.

Talk To Owners And Staff
Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Speak with the owners and staff of the facility. What do they do if a dog gets sick or is too aggressive? How much training does the staff have? Make sure they have a staff of highly trained professionals and veterinary technicians. Do they have emergency plans in place in case of severe weather? Any reputable daycare owners will easily and gladly answer these questions.

Use Your Senses
Does the daycare look clean and well-maintained? Is everything working? Does it smell like it is regularly sanitized? At Pet Palace we make sure all these basic standards are upheld.  Also, listen to the dogs themselves. Do they sound stressed at all? You probably know the sound of a happy dog, and that’s what you should be hearing when you visit a potential daycare center for your pet.

How Are The Dogs Grouped Together?
Dogs should not be grouped together solely by size. Rather, they should be with other dogs with similar play patterns and temperaments. This will lead to less stress for the dogs and decrease the chance of injury. You should also ask how many dogs are allowed per handler, to make sure they are getting the attention and supervision they need. At no time should a group of dogs be left without a handler.

Places To Run
Your pet might prefer to lay in the sun all day, but he should still be able to exercise while he’s at daycare. Exercise keeps your dog healthy and entertained. A space to run and play is essential for a daycare center. Also, make sure your pet will always have access to fresh water.

A dog daycare that is close to work or home will make it easier for you and it is also more likely that you will use it. Depending on where you live, finding the right daycare center nearby might not be always possible, but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind. At Pet Palace, we have three convenient locations to better serve the greater Columbus area.

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