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8 Ways Your Pets Says “I Love You”

how cats show love and how dogs show love

Pet owners may spoil their dog or cat, live harmoniously with them for years, and yet will still wonder “does my pet actually love me?” While we may never hear them say it, there are plenty of indicators that should put your mind at ease and assure you the answer is yes, of course!

How Dogs and Cats Show Love Toward Their Humans

Tail Posture

We all likely know that a happy dog will wag their tail when they are feeling excited or being playful, but did you know that cats also have a way of showing affection with their tails? Many cats love to have the base of their tail scratched and will often lift their tail with the end pointed to let you know!

They Give You “Kisses”

Dogs and cats both use licking as a grooming technique. When your dog or cat licks you, it’s often referred to as “giving kisses.” Licking can be viewed as affectionate for different reasons:

  • It shows they are submissive and relaxed around you
  • It shows they accept you as one of their own
  • Since licking is a form a grooming for pets, when dogs or cats lick their human in attempt to groom them, it is a sign of love and closeness!

“Puppy Dog Eyes”

We all know the look well – when a dog or cat stares longingly into your eyes for moments at a time. Relaxed eye contact from these animals is a sure sign of trust, love, and connection.

They Gift Their Toys

Another way how cats show love is by bringing a toy or treat to their owner, which comes from their hunting instincts. It’s almost as if they’ve done the hard work and are sharing their reward with you! Cats who present you with a catch deserve lots of praise. On the other hand, dogs will share their toys with you as a way to show trust and demonstrate affection.

Many, Many, Cuddles!

Dogs and cats alike enjoy being close to their humans (especially when it involves head pats or back scratches). We can’t think of a better excuse to curl up on the couch with your fur baby!

They Use Their Voice

Arguably the number one most obvious way that cats show affection toward their humans is by purring. When cats become very relaxed, they can often be compared to a “little motor” that rumbles or vibrates while they purr. How cute! Most times, purring is a sign of love and happiness.

How dogs show love is they will often let out deep sighs when they are near you which is a sign that they feel safe and comfortable in your presence.

Playing Around

Dogs and cats both love to play! Their preference and mannerisms will highly depend on their personality, but most pets have a way of expressing how they want to be played with. How cats show affection is they will often paw at you, move quickly from side to side, roll around, expose their bellies, and more. Dogs like to jump, play tug-of-war with toys, chase, play fetch, and much more!

Snuggles and Sleeping

Cats sleep for much of the day – sometimes up to sixteen hours! Since pets are the most vulnerable when they are asleep, the place they choose to snooze can say a lot about how secure and comfortable they feel in your presence. A pet who chooses to sleep near you – or in some cases, in bed with you – is demonstrating trust and a whole lot of love! Snuggling up with you in bed or on the couch is often how dogs show affection as well.

Now That You Know How Cats and Dogs Show Affection, Return the Favor

Our pets show us unconditional love daily, so it’s crucial that we give back! There are many things you can do to show your pet how much you care about them. We suggest buying their favorite treats, distributing belly rubs, keeping their coats well-groomed, and dropping them off at doggy day care to play with friends!

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If you’re looking to treat your pet, get them into a routine of playing with other animals, or get them scheduled for monthly grooming appointments, Pet Palace is the answer!

To learn more about how to spoil you pet with us, contact us today. We look forward to hosting your fur baby soon!

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