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Best Cary, NC Dog Parks

cary nc dog parksWanna show your dog a good time? Your local dog park is calling! Keep reading to learn why you should take your dog to the dog park, and which one to visit when you’re planning your next adventure.

Why Is It Important to Take My Dog to the Dog Park?

There are several great reasons we suggest making regular trips to the park with your dog. For starters, dog park trips are the perfect way to bond with your pet. After all, there’s nothing your dog enjoys more than spending quality time with his mom or dad.

Plus, letting your dog run around the park is a great way to help him stay in shape. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult for apartment-bound pups to get enough exercise, so regular dog park trips should be considered essential to your dog’s health, happiness, and longevity.

Finally, there are some dogs that have tons and tons of energy. These younger, more energetic dogs can burn off steam by running outdoors, chasing squirrels, and socializing with other canines—while you get to put your feet up and relax!

What Are the Best Dog Parks in Cary, North Carolina?

There are plenty of great local parks in the area, but here are some of our favorites:

Fred G. Bond Metro Park

801 High House Road, Cary

There may be no better dog park in the area than Fred G. Bond Metro Park! This “Fido fave” sits on 310 beautiful acres that offer both paved and unpaved dog trails. Pet parents will also love the ample picnicking areas, abundant restrooms, and lovely lake. Bottom line? Fred G. Bond is a woof-worthy place to take your dog!

Robert V. Godbowl Park

2050 Northwest Maynard Road, Cary

Although small, Godbowl Park heaps on the charm. We love this dog park for its separate play areas, (covered) picnic bench, and clean, well-maintained space. This 1-acre dog park provides water for dogs, so it’s easy to keep your pet safe and hydrated. Just be aware that before you head to Godbowl, you’ll need to purchase a day pass or annual membership online.

Carolina Pines Community Park

2305 Lake Wheeler Road, Raleigh

Although Carolina Pines Community Park isn’t technically in Cary, we think it definitely merits a visit to neighboring Raleigh. This popular park is loved by dogs and pet parents alike for its ample shade, plentiful parking, separate play areas, and doggie water faucets. Plus, Carolina Pines allows dogs to roam off-leash, giving your frisky Fido the opportunity to burn off his excess energy.

What’s a Good Alternative to the Dog Park?

When you can’t make it to a dog park, you always have the option of dropping your dog off at our super-fun dog day care.  Dog day care is a great way to keep Rover entertained while you’re at work.

Alternatively, if your dog’s more of the discerning type, we’ve got the perfect indulgence—a spa day. At Pet Palace, we’re pleased to offer professional grooming, and even doggy massages!

To learn more about the full range of services we provide visit your local Pet Palace web page. We have several locations to serve you throughout Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina.

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