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12 of the Best Organizations for Dog and Cat Lovers in Charlotte

Dog and cat lovers in CharlottePeople tend to think that the only way to help pets is by adopting or fostering. While we all wish we could do that, there are various other ways to help and give those pets the life they deserve.

By starting small and joining an organization or advocacy group, or supporting a business that is dedicated to saving animals, we can start to make a difference in Charlotte and the world at large.

Ways to Get Involved in Charlotte if You’re a Cat or Dog Lover

The organizations and groups I will be mentioning below all started somewhere, and their work has been made possible by volunteers who all share a common love for animals. Check out all these resources and get started to help your community in a meaningful way.

Advocacy Groups

One way to give back is by joining advocacy groups where you can come together with others for the common good of animals. Some groups located in Charlotte, NC include:

  • Charlotte Weenie Walk – This nonprofit company was founded to share the love of the dachshund breed. While the group has a strong connection to that specific breed, their goal is to organize fun events and raise money for local animal rescues in need of help for all breeds.
  • Southeast Shih-Tzu Rescue and Hospice – Most animals that are sent to shelters end up there due to a financial burden. At this center, their mission is to help seniors and those who have had to make that heartbreaking decision to choose between giving away their loved one or having them euthanized due to lack of funds. The center is committed to saving senior dogs and providing a hospice program to give them all the love and care they deserve for the remainder of their lives.

Humane Societies

Humane societies are a great way to get involved in the community if you have a passion for cats and dogs. Some humane societies you can get involved with in or near the Charlotte area include:

  • Humane Society of Charlotte – Here you can find all the resources you need to help make a difference in the world of animals. They offer resources on adoption, pet help, how to foster, and how to support in other ways.
  • Humane Society of Catawba County – Near Charlotte, NC you’ll find this humane society that touts a mission of promoting animal welfare in the community. Whether you are wanting to adopt, foster, donate, or find other ways to get involved, this is a perfect resource.
  • Lake Norman Humane – Located in Mooresville, about 35 minutes away from Charlotte, is this humane society that envisions a world where pets are safe and in healthy homes. You can donate, adopt, or foster, all of which can help pets find a loving home.

Be Sure to Take a Look at These Resources

When you have a pet, you want to be sure that you’re supporting businesses that truly care about making a difference and align with the mission of standing up for animals. Here are some companies in the Charlotte area that you should be sure to check out:

  • Stand for Animals Veterinary Clinic – In addition to offering care at an affordable price, this clinic also works in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank and Loaves and Fishes. By doing this, they help provide emergency food assistance to any pet owners in need.
  • Pet Palace – Our animal-loving professionals offer services and the attention and care your pet deserves. We want you to have peace of mind and not stress when leaving your pet. Allow us to treat your dog or cat as royalty when they step into our resort. We also offer grooming to complete the ultimate royal treatment.
  • Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital – While this is a veterinary hospital, they offer more than just treatment. In addition to providing in-person and telemedicine, they also supply educational resources. Be sure to look at their blog for topics such as caring for pets, nutrition, medications, and more.
  • What’s Pawsitive – This blog focuses on people and organizations working to protect the wonderful creatures on this planet. On this site, you can discover the animals that help enrich our lives.

Adoption Agencies for Adding a Furry Friend to Your Life

When you decide to adopt a furry friend, you’re not only saving a life but money as well. But perhaps more importantly, the sweet, loving animals, whether they be a dog or cat, thrive off of companionship. It’s a beautiful thing, taking the time to rebuild trust with a furry friend and giving them the life they deserve.

Some top adoption agencies in the Charlotte, NC area include:

  • Greater Charlotte SPCA – This organization’s mission is to improve the life of homeless animals through foster care, veterinary care, humane education, and spay/neuter programs. While they don’t have a shelter, they find that by fostering they are able to better assess the animal’s personality and needs.
  • Catering to Cats & Dogs – C2CND is a dog and cat nurture center that ensures animals receive proper care, places them into foster homes, and gets them adopted to safe, permanent homes. The organization hosts local events, meet and greets, and seasonally themed activities in Charlotte, NC.
  • Carolina Paws – This organization is a volunteer-based nonprofit animal rescue devoted to helping abandoned and abused cats and dogs find loving homes.

Contact Pet Palace to Find Other Resources

Are you curious to learn what’s out there for your cat or dog? Pet Palace is a locally owned business filled with a staff passionate about animals. Feel free to take a look at our blog to learn about tips and must-haves for your dog or cat.

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