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Tips on How to Socialize Your Dog

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on February 7, 2018

Have you watched neighborhood dogs frolic at the park and wished your own dog was so carefree among other pets? If so, then you need to read this. We’ll explain why some dogs are more naturally social, how you can socialize your own dog, and why it’s a great idea to do so if you… Read More

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5 Best Dog Parks Near Fishers

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on January 10, 2018

Have you been cooped up inside more often than you like due to the cold weather? If the answer is yes, your dog probably feels the same way. Read on to learn about 5 dog parks nearby that you can take Fido to for a little fun. Pierson Bark Park in Fishers With 4 acres… Read More

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Should I Give a Pet as a Gift this Christmas?

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on December 6, 2017

With the holidays here, many people consider giving pets as presents. But is that really a smart idea? Before you decide on giving a pet as a gift, read on to learn what the experts think about the topic. Is It a Good Idea to Give a Pet as a Gift? We’ll be honest—there are… Read More

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What To Do When Your Dog Swallows a Toy

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on November 8, 2017

It’s definitely an alarming experience to discover your dog has swallowed a toy. While we hope this situation never occurs to you, we’d like you be prepared if it were to happen. The calmer you can react, the better things will be for you and your dog. What Types of Things Will Dogs Swallow? Actually,… Read More

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How to Keep Your Pets Healthy & Safe During Halloween

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on October 24, 2017

Although Halloween is a spooky time of year for humans, it shouldn’t be for pets. Learn our top tips for keeping your dogs and cats healthy and safe this trick-or-treating season. 1. Be Careful with the Candy While pets may get excited about sugary sweets, they should never ingest them. Make sure to keep all… Read More

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Dog Owners More Likely to Exercise Regularly

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on September 27, 2017

Have you been considering getting a dog? If so, the latest research shows dog ownership can have an extremely positive impact on your overall health. Learn how dogs and exercise go hand in hand! What Does the Research Say About Dog Ownership and Exercise? Recently, two separate studies have confirmed that dog ownership increases exercise…. Read More

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What Are the Best Dog Bones and Toys for My Dog?

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on August 24, 2017

Chew on this: bones are extremely beneficial for dogs! They can alleviate boredom, improve dental health, and satisfy a dog’s innate urge to chew. Perhaps most importantly of all, they can diminish bad breath. Put an end to that unpleasant odor by checking out some of our recommendations for the best bones and chews out… Read More

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Is It Safe To Take My Dog To Daycare While I Work?

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on July 20, 2017

We field a lot of questions about our dog daycare. Is it safe? Which dogs make the best daycare candidates? Why do dogs like dog daycare? To that end, we wanted to address some of our most common FAQs. Why Do People Take their Dogs to Daycare? By and large, people take their dogs to… Read More

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Tick Control: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pets Safe

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on June 13, 2017

If you’re a pet parent, then we’re sure you’ve heard about ticks. But other than knowing they’re “bad,” do you know what they are, the health risk they present, and what options you have for preventing them? If the answer is no, keep reading for our take on ticks. What Are Ticks? Although ticks are… Read More

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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe In A Dog Park

Posted by: Pet Palace Resort, on May 22, 2017

For the uninitiated, dog parks can seem chaotic with dogs running everywhere, lots of barking, and inattentive pet parents. Rather than stress about it, we’d like to help you feel better prepared for your next dog outing. Read on to learn our top 5 tips for keeping your dog safe in a dog park. 1…. Read More

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