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Grandview Heights Pet Boarding

Grandview Heights pet boarding

Located just outside of downtown Columbus, Grandview Heights is the premier destination for experiencing a mix of urban sparkle and neighborhood camaraderie. An amazing town where you’ll see people walking and biking to the local shops, restaurants, and other establishments, Grandview is a great place to call home.

Grandview Heights is the perfect city to raise your pet in, but if you’re in need of a weekend getaway, Pet Palace is here for you! Our Grandview Heights pet boarding services will not disappoint.

Keep reading to learn more about our pet boarding in Grandview!

About Our Grandview Heights Dog Boarding

We know that leaving your furry friend behind while you’re out exploring the world or visiting friends and family can be stressful not only for you but for your pup as well. Here at Pet Palace, we are dedicated to making sure both of you feel totally at ease.

Our Grandview Heights dog boarding services create a fun and professional environment, giving your dog that true home-away-from-home feeling. Some of the benefits of choosing Pet Palace for Grandview dog boarding services include:

  • Dog villas and suites equipped with heating and air conditioning
  • Multiple bathroom breaks and exercise periods throughout the day
  • Personal attention from our well-trained and dedicated staff

Additionally, we’ll make sure to get all of the information necessary about your pup before their stay including feeding patterns, medical history and medications, how they interact with others, preferred toys, and more!

Located only four miles from downtown Columbus and 15 minutes from Grandview Heights, our Columbus location is just a short, convenient drive away if you’re needing dog boarding in Grandview.

About Our Cat Boarding in Grandview Heights

There’s no need to worry about finding someone to take care of your cat while you’re away from home because that’s where our Grandview cat boarding team comes to give you 5-star service.

Some of the luxuries your cat will experience with our cat boarding in Grandview Heights include:

  • Spacious cat townhome or royal suites fitted with quality bedding
  • Plenty of exercise with their favorite toys that remind them of home

As mentioned above regarding dog boarding, our professional staff will also inquire about any medications or eating patterns that need to be accommodated for during your furry friend’s stay with us.

Additionally, Pet Palace offers many more services alongside our Grandview cat boarding, including cat and dog grooming packages and pampering services.

Grandview Heights Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding FAQs

Can I supply my own dog and cat food for my pet’s stay?

Absolutely. We want your pet to feel as close to home as possible during their stay, which is why we allow pet owners to bring in food. We do recommend that you bring in pre-portioned labeled baggies of food so there are no mix-ups, though.

If you choose not to bring food, we provide Iams and Eukanuba dry food for our guests.

What other locations does Pet Palace serve?

Along with pet boarding in Grandview Heights, Pet Palace is proud to serve a variety of nearby areas, including:

  • Gahanna
  • New Albany
  • Blacklick
  • Bexley
  • Whitehall
  • Reynoldsburg

Does Pet Palace offer medical care?

Prior to your pet’s stay, our staff will inquire about medications and medical history to help prevent any emergencies. We will also administer any medication with no extra charge.

Also, if your dog or cat is in need of medical attention, we will transport them to your preferred veterinarian.

Can I tour the facility before bringing in my pet?

Yes, and we offer tours at any time. We absolutely recommend coming into our facility before taking advantage of our Grandview pet boarding and we even allow you to bring your pet to help them get acclimated to the facility.

Contact Us Today for Pet Boarding in Grandview Heights

Are you ready to take that trip you’ve been planning? While you’re away, Pet Palace is here to give your pet the love and attention they deserve! Contact us today for additional information or to book your pet boarding in Grandview.

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