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How to Care for Outdoor Cats in 5 Simple Steps

how to care for outdoor cats

Known to be more independent and courageous than many indoor cats, outdoor cats are low-maintenance options for animal lovers. Even with their self-sufficient nature, though, it is just as important to provide loving and supportive outdoor cat care to these furry friends.

If you are curious about how to care for outdoor cats, our team at Pet Palace is here to fill you in on the “purrfect” ways to show your love!

Caring for Outdoor Cats Made Simple: 5 Things to Keep in Mind!

In order to keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe, here are five things to consider when you are caring for outdoor cats.

1. Properly Vaccinate and Fix Your Cat

Outdoor cat care can include vaccines needed to make sure that your furry friend won’t get sick. Cats that are exposed to the outdoors are more prone to catching viruses and diseases that can be harmful or even deadly, so it is important to equip them with the vaccines needed to live a healthy life outside.

Additionally, it is just as important to spay or neuter your pet when you are caring for outdoor cats. This simple procedure will help them avoid unexpected pregnancies, diseases during mating, and even aggression toward other cats.

2. Make Sure Your Cat Can Be Identified

If there is an instance where your outdoor cat is missing, it is vital to make sure you have the proper identification attached to your pet so he or she can be returned.

Some of the things that can help identify your outdoor cat can include:

  • A microchip with contact details that are up to date
  • A properly fitting safety collar with identification and contact information

If you want to take it a step further to ensure the most reliable outdoor cat care, installing a GPS tracker for your cat will allow you to know where they are without the worry that they might be lost.

3. Leave Enough Food and Water Out

When it comes to how to care for outdoor cats, making sure they remain properly fed and hydrated is very important. Outdoor cats are generally more active than indoor cats, so be sure to provide them with the right amount of food depending on their activity level and always keep fresh water on hand.

4. Keep Your Outdoor Cat Warm During the Winter

When caring for outdoor cats during the winter months, you should take extra precautions to make sure they are warm and healthy. Some tips for this include:

  • Installing an outdoor cat house provides your cat with shelter when it is cold
  • Equipping your outdoor cat house with insulators that are water resistant will ensure the space stays warm and dry
  • Including a heated cat bed outside of the cat shelter is a good precaution
  • Installing a cat door to your home is beneficial so your cat can enter and leave as he or she pleases 

5. Build a Catio!

Building an outdoor catio (which is short for “cat patio”) may be the most luxurious form of outdoor cat care. Catios are outdoor cat enclosures that allow your pet to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of an enclosed space.

When designing your catio, some beneficial steps include:

  • Including claw-resistant mesh so your catio is durable
  • Building different-sized shelves at different heights to give your cat options
  • Covering the floor of your catio with fabric to protect their paws in the colder months
  • Looking for catios that can be attached outside of windows if you do not have a backyard
  • Filling your catio with scratching posts and cat trees so your cat is properly stimulated 

In Need of Indoor or Outdoor Cat Care? Pet Palace Is Here to Help!

Whether you are caring for outdoor cats or indoor cats, Pet Palace wants to accommodate your feline’s needs. Some of the services we provide for cats include:

  • Cat boarding – We understand that going out of town can be a stressful experience for both you and your cat, so our team wants to supply exceptional care and luxury lodging while you are away.
  • Cat grooming – Whether you are looking for regular pet grooming or you want to give your cat the full royal treatment, our professionally trained pet groomers can provide excellent service with a sprinkle of personal style!

Contact Pet Palace Today!

Our loving and supportive staff at Pet Palace is here to give your pet the best boarding or grooming experience possible.

Please reach out to us today with any questions about how to care for outdoor cats or to schedule your pet’s next appointment or stay with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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