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How to Keep Your Pets Healthy & Safe During Halloween

Although Halloween is a spooky time of year for humans, it shouldn’t be for pets. Learn our top tips for keeping your dogs and cats healthy and safe this trick-or-treating season.

1. Be Careful with the Candy

While pets may get excited about sugary sweets, they should never ingest them. Make sure to keep all candy out of of the reach of dogs and cats. This is also a very important message to pass along to young children.

Unfortunately, most Halloween candy is toxic to pets. In particular, chocolate—especially dark chocolate—is very dangerous to dogs and cats, as are sugar-free candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol. If you suspect your pet may have eaten one of these items, we recommend you immediately contact your vet or the ASPCA Poison Control Center at 888.426.4435.

2. Park Yourself on the Porch

Many pets experience anxiety on trick-or-treat night with the continuous doorbell ringing. Rather than letting your pets get riled up, we recommend you sit on the porch and dole out candy from there. Because your pets won’t be disturbed by the constant bell ringing, they’ll be much more calm and relaxed.

3. ID & Leash or Crate Your Pets

If your pet isn’t prone to anxiety, you may want to sit indoors during trick-or-treating. Just remember that some pets are escape artists, so you should be prepared for the worst-case scenario—your dog or cat running outdoors.

To make sure you’re prepared, we suggest you microchip your dog or cat, or make sure they’re wearing their collar and ID tag on the big night. If your animal is particularly prone to running off, you may even want to crate or leash him during trick-or-treat hours as a precaution.

4. Easy Does It on Decor

While we don’t want to discourage you from decorating your home for Halloween, we do want you to consider your pets when setting out the Halloween decor.

Dogs, for instance, can chew through Halloween lighting and potentially electrocute themselves. They can also become entangled in lighting, causing sprains, fractures, or breaks. To prevent any of these scenarios, please tack cord under your carpet or against the wall to ensure it’s not a hazard.

5. Beware the Hidden Danger of Costumes

Some costumes are just fine for pets to wear. However, you should be especially cautious of any costume that seems to inhibit your pet’s breathing or movement. Also, remember that small, easy-to-chew-off pieces present a choking hazard.

The ASPCA recommends that unless you know your pet loves wearing a costume, you avoid putting him in one. They suggest that instead, you consider a festive bandanna.

Using these tips, you’ll be sure to make Halloween a fun and spooky time for both you and your dog!Speaking of being festive, many pet owners find that Doggy Day Care is the perfect “celebration” for social dogs. Learn more about our Doggy Day Care Services and creating a festive day for your dog any day of the year.

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