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Our Favorite Places to Buy Dog Bandanas

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Have you ever seen a pup strutting around in a cute bandana? Maybe it was floral, covered in hearts for Valentine’s Day, or even adorned with the logo of a sports team. Regardless of the print, you might’ve caught yourself wondering where to find dog bandanas like that. Lucky for you, we have collected our favorite shops that carry these fashionable accessories. Get shopping!

Our List of Where to Find Dog Bandanas

Knowing where to buy quality dog bandanas means that you can dress your pup up for any occasion and make them feel a little extra loved. Not only are these items trendy, but they are a fun way to show off your pup’s personality! They come in almost every pattern and color, which means there is a bandana for basically every occasion.

Whether you want to celebrate a major holiday, have a sporting event you’re going to, or just want to proudly display your pup’s name, there are so many options for dog bandanas to choose from.

Here are some of the best stores to find them in!

  • The Foggy DogThe Foggy Dog creates dog bandanas that are both beautiful and functional. Their products are made in the USA and the company donates one pound of dog food to rescue shelters across the country with each purchase. This means that you can support other dogs while you shop!
  • Lucy & Co.Lucy & Co. is focused on the idea that “dogs are deserving,” so to celebrate this they have created stylish and high-quality dog goods. Be sure to check out their selection of dog bandanas that come in so many fun colors and prints!
  • Maple & PawsMaple & Paws designs dog bandanas that are completed with adjustable snaps, a curved neckline, and double layering. This company is run by a mother-daughter duo and their products are handmade, two things we absolutely love!
  • Briggs ‘n’ WigglesBriggs ‘n’ Wiggles offers a large collection of dog bandanas in a ton of different styles. This makes it easy to find a bandana that fits your dog’s personality perfectly! Their bandanas are handmade, reversible, and connect to your pets’ collar, preventing them from falling off – an innovative feature we love!
  • Dog Bandana Co.Dog Bandana Co. is another destination for purchasing high-quality, handmade bandanas! They create lightweight dog bandanas that are size-inclusive, which is perfect for furry friends of all breeds – even pups over 100 pounds!
  • Pet Bandanas USAPet Bandanas USA specializes in making slide-over-the-collar bandanas for dogs of all sizes. Their dog bandanas are 100% cotton, machine washable, and fully lined for a lightweight feel.
  • Petco – Last but not least, Petco is your one-stop shop for all things pet-related! You can get food, treats, and dog bandanas in a single location.

The Best Occasions to Sport Dog Bandanas

Now that you know where to find dog bandanas, let’s talk about fun times for your pup to wear them! We support daily wear if it makes your pup happy, but allowing your furry friend to sport their bandana during specific times is sure to make them feel special too.

  • Holidays – With Christmas, Halloween, St. Paddy’s Day and more all available, there are so many fun options for wrapping your pup up in festive dog bandanas.
  • Special occasions – Celebrate your pup’s birthday or adoption anniversary with an eye-catching dog bandana that highlights their big day.
  • Outdoor adventures – Planning a hike, picnic, trip to the local dog park, or just a stroll around your neighborhood? Putting a bandana around your dog will make them stand out without hindering their movement.
  • Photoshoots – If you are getting family photos, you can purchase a dog bandana that matches the theme and have your pup totally connected to the group. You could also grab a nice bandana for solo shots of your dog as well!

Considerations for Purchasing Dog Bandanas

We don’t need to explain that all dogs aren’t built the same, and no one knows your pup the way you do, so the goal is to purchase a dog bandana the aligns with their preferences.

Here are some things to consider before you make any purchases:

  • Size – Once you decide where to buy dog bandanas, be sure to research the company’s size charts so you’ll get a perfect fit
  • Design and style – You know your dog best, so pick something that is going to work best with their habits while also suiting their style
  • Fasteners – There are a variety of closure methods, including snaps, Velcro, strings, and more, so find something durable that won’t bother your pup
  • Washability – Some dogs are more prone to messes, so be sure to look for a bandana that is machine washable if your furry friend likes to get a little messy sometimes
  • Materials – A bandana’s material can matter depending on the season, so be sure to choose something loose and comfortable like cotton if you are dressing your pup up in the summer

Make Your Pup Feel Extra Special

Buying your dog a bandana is a great way to make them feel loved, but you can take it a step further by bringing them into your local Pet Palace for grooming.

We have a variety of packages for grooming, ranging from a basic trim and bathing to breath freshening treatments and toenail polishes. Best yet, at the end of the treatment, they will receive a bandana so that they will look and feel their best when they leave our facility!

In addition to grooming, we also supply doggy daycare and boarding, should you need a reliable place to leave your pet while you are out running errands or on a business trip.

Contact Us Today with Any Questions

We hope you enjoyed this post on where to buy dog bandanas. Now it’s time to let your dog walk around in style by spicing up their look!

And be sure to reach out to our team today if you have any questions about our dog grooming or daycare services!

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