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Pet Boarding Near Bedford with Pet Palace

Pet boarding near Bedford

If you’ve found yourself in need of pet boarding near Bedford, look no further! Pet Palace Cleveland is here to provide your pets with an engaging, safe, and cozy environment to stay in while you’re away. Our staff is made up of animal lovers who are trained to supply your pets with the care and attention that they need, so read on to discover all that we can provide.

Features of Our Bedford, Ohio Pet Boarding

At Pet Palace, we’re experts when it comes to pets. We’re attentive to their wants and needs, and we make sure they’re provided with a comfortable environment while you’re away. Some features of our Bedford, Ohio pet boarding facility include:

  • Lots of individual attention – We understand that your pet will need a little extra love when they’re outside of their home. That’s why we make sure that every pet that stays with us receives individual attention from our animal-loving staff throughout the course of the day. It’s our job to show them a little extra love, and we take pride in doing so!
  • Outdoor play area – If you have a dog, they’ll have access to our outdoor play area daily, and our staff will ensure that they receive time to run and play. We’ll check with you beforehand about whether or not your dog plays well with other dogs and should be socialized or given individual playtime.
  • 24/7 pet-safe program – With Pet Palace, you’ll have exclusive camera access to your pets 24/7 so you can check up on them and see how they’re doing. It’s one of our favorite benefits of our Bedford pet boarding facility!

Want to Know More About Pet Boarding Near Bedford, Ohio

If you want to see more of our Bedford pet boarding facility, you can take a photo tour or come by for a visit! Our photo tours feature all of the amenities available, as well as the space your fur baby will reside in during their stay.

Prefer to visit in person? Stop by during business hours to meet the staff and take an in-depth tour of the space. We’re here to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your pet is well taken care of in a boarding facility that’s safe, clean, and spacious.

Boarding for Cats and Dogs Available!

At Pet Palace, we have the ability to board both cats and dogs! Dogs will have access to our outdoor play area and other shared spaces, while cats will have cozy accommodations to keep them comfortable throughout their stay.

Other Services Available When You Board with Us

At Pet Palace Cleveland, we can also groom your pets! If you want to make sure your pet is fresh and clean for their arrival home, inquire about our grooming services. Whether it’s for a cut, a bath, or a simple nail trim, our trained groomers are here to help make your pet feel renewed for their trip home.

Contact Us Today for Bedford Pet Boarding

Have questions about boarding your pet? Want to take a tour of the facility? Contact us! Our staff is here to help make the process of boarding your pet easier for you.

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