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Pet Boarding vs. Kenneling: What’s the Difference?

It’s that time of year again! Now that spring’s here, we know you probably have some fun vacations planned. To make your time away as stress-free as possible, we want to help you have a better understanding of your pet care options while you’re away. Learn what the difference is between pet boarding and pet kenneling, and why pet boarding is the superior choice.

pet boarding vs. kenneling

What Is Pet Kenneling?

Pet kennels are businesses that house dogs for various lengths of time. These might include local area shops or veterinarians. At a pet kennel, dogs and cats are fed and housed while you’re away. You can view pet kennels as places that keep your pet until you return.

What Is Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding services do more than merely keep your pet. When you opt for pet boarding, your pet receives TLC. Pet professionals play with your pet, show affection, and care for it as if it were their own.

Rather than merely housing your pet and making sure it gets the basics–food, water, and shelter–a pet boarding service ensures your pet is happy, active, and well-adjusted while you’re away.

Why Is Pet Boarding the Better Choice?

Pets typically get stressed out when their owners leave town. While that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, you do want to be sensitive to their feelings and try to place them somewhere they’re going to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, they rarely feel that way at a kennel.

By contrast, pets tend to love their pet boarding experience. While they may still miss their pet parents, they’re kept busy and active by a loving staff that shows them lots of attention.

For the best possible care, we suggest you leave your pet with a pet boarding service while you’re away.

What Is Pet Boarding Like at Pet Palace Resort?

If you board your dog or board your cat at Pet Palace, there’s a very good chance your pet will be staying at swankier digs than you are. There’s a reason the word “resort” is part of our name!

Our 5-star villas, townhomes, and suites offer A/C, quality bedding, spacious rooms, and frequent exercise time monitored by pet-loving professionals. We feed your pets according to your guidelines and also ensure they get their medications while you’re away. For the ultimate in comfort, you can even leave a favorite toy or two with us so your pet feels right at home.

And if you want to go all out, we also offer additional services like group play time, individualized play time, extra bathroom breaks, small outdoor pools, frozen treats, and grilled chicken or steak. So not only will your pet be staying somewhere nicer than you are, it might be eating better too!

How Can I Board My Pet at Pet Palace Resort?

You can make a boarding reservation online or contact your local Pet Palace. We have two locations in the Indianapolis, Indiana region, and four throughout Ohio in Columbus, Hilliard, Delaware, and Cleveland.

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