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Beachwood, Ohio pet boarding

Leaving your pet behind when you go on a trip can be quite stressful and that’s why it’s important to find options that put your pet in the best care possible. At Pet Palace, we recognize how hard it is to be without your pet, which is why we make sure that they receive plenty of love and attention while they’re here.

We are more than a typical Beachwood pet boarding facility, as we offer personalized experiences to ensure that your pup or kitty is treated like royalty, fully enjoying their stay here. With the convenience of being near Beachwood, our Pet Palace Cleveland East location is ready to give your pet the playtime and personalized care they deserve.

Benefits of Cat Boarding and Dog Boarding in Beachwood, Ohio

Although there are options when it comes to making sure your pet is taken care of, we find that pet boarding is the best solution. When having friends or loved ones watch your pet, you can’t guarantee that they are following the same schedule your pet is used to. But when you choose Pet Palace for cat or dog boarding in Beachwood, Ohio, you know that your pet is following a consistent schedule, whether that be for food, sleep, medicine or even going to the bathroom.

Along with having a set schedule, your pet will experience:

  • The best rooms around – In order to ensure the comfort of your pet, our villas and suites are equipped with air conditioning and heating. The rooms are also spacious, allowing for dogs and cats of any size to lay comfortably. Lastly, the rooms are fitted with quality bedding and available extras to make them as cozy as possible.
  • Personal attention – For dog and cat boarding in Beachwood at Pet Palace, our staff asks the right questions to guarantee that your pet has the proper care and to replicate the home environment as much as possible. We’ll ask about what makes your pet happy, their medical history, their feeding patterns, and more.
  • Exercise and play – We make sure that your pup gets plenty of time outside, whether that be to go to the bathroom or to exercise throughout the day. There’s also an option to schedule additional play and exercise time for your dog.
  • Quality care – Our staff is highly trained, making sure that your cat and dog experiences the best possible care. Our boarding team keeps records of their stay, monitoring your pet and their health. We provide consistent fresh water and premium pet food, unless you prefer to bring in your own pet food!

Daycare, Grooming and More!

In addition to offering dog and cat boarding in Beachwood, and the benefits listed above, we also supply other services that you definitely can take advantage of, which include daycare and grooming! Our grooming offers various packages and extras including:

  • Bath and brush out
  • Full grooming package
  • Puppy package
  • Toenail polish
  • Basic trim package
  • Breath freshener
  • Teeth brushing
  • The furminator

Contact Pet Palace for Your Pet Boarding Needs

The next time you have to leave for a trip, be sure to check out Pet Palace and all that we offer. Whether you’re in need of pet boarding, grooming, daycare, or other services in Beachwood, Ohio, we can definitely help take care of it all. This way, you can leave with peace of mind, knowing that your pet is being looked after.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss our services and answer any of your questions.

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