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Puppy Training at Pet Palace

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Here at Pet Palace, we’re proud to provide puppy obedience training programs for a variety of skill levels and ages. Maybe you added a new pup to the family who needs some basic training, or maybe you have an adult dog who needs some manners at the dinner table. No matter the case, puppy training can help your furry friend!

What Is Puppy Training?

Puppies are learning all the time which can be overwhelming for both the pup owner and the pup themselves. There are a lot of components that make up puppy training, but the two most prominent ones are relationship building and the creation of a structure.

The training process can begin at any age, whether your pup is new to the world or an adult. The purpose of puppy training classes is to provide the pup with a variety of behaviors and commands that are acceptable both inside and outside of the home. Remember, puppies aren’t perfect, so it pays to be patient. There might be moments where they act out, but that is normal. These unwanted behaviors will occur less and less with the help of puppy training.

Some of the lessons given during puppy training include:

  • Potty training
  • Resource guarding
  • Intro to sounds
  • Intro to touch
  • Toy play
  • Intro to people
  • Bite inhibition
  • Crate training
  • Nutrition
  • Behavioral techniques
  • Basic commands
  • Leash skills

Our goal when training is to bridge the communication gap between the dog and the owner through positive reinforcement. This means rewarding them when good behavior is accomplished and withholding attention and rewards when their behavior is less than favorable.

The Benefits of Puppy Training Classes

Every dog parent looks forward to showing off their pup, whether it be out in public, at the dog park, or even just inside the home. That is why puppy training is important to make sure they are comfortable in each of these environments. The great thing about a trainer is that they understand, analyze, and guide puppy behavior. Some of the benefits of these training sessions include:

  • Management – Puppy obedience training teaches basic commands such as sitting, dropping, and staying, which allow for easier control over your pup. They will also learn leash training to guide their reactions to seeing an unfamiliar person or fellow pup.
  • Bonding – It is common that puppy parents with well-behaved pups have a stronger bond with one another. The ability to manage your dog in any given situation creates a trust bond, making for a happier pup and a happier owner.
  • Socialization – Training a pup on how to respond to other dogs in an acceptable and way, and avoid unacceptable behaviors, is an essential lesson. The owner will be able to bring their pup to more places if they are well socialized.
  • Safety – Puppy training classes revolve around the theme of safety. The safety of your pup and the people they interact with is most important. Training provides the tools necessary to keep unpredictable behaviors to a minimum.

Looking for the Perfect Puppy Training Facility? Choose Pet Palace

Here at Pet Palace Resort, we provide three different puppy training programs that differ based on age, obedience level, and duration of training. These programs include the:

  • Polite Puppy Program – Our core 10-day program is designed for puppies who are under eight months old. Our team will work with your pup to teach basic obedience skills and allow them to socialize in a doggy daycare setting.
  • 10-Day Basic Adult Program – This 10-day program is designed for dogs who are eight months and older. The program includes daily one-on-one training with a designated trainer, and the duration of these sessions will vary based on your dog’s age.
  • 20-Day Advanced Adult Program – Our 4-week program is designed for dogs who are eight months and older. This program is customizable to the needs of the pup to achieve better results and more consistent training.

Learn More About Our Puppy Training Classes

If you are on the hunt for puppy obedience training, then look no further because you’ve come to the right place. We provide the services you need to get your pup well trained. If you’d like to speak with a trainer, fill out our dog training form. For additional questions, visit our contact page!

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