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The Five Benefits of Obedience Training

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When bringing a new puppy into your life, you see them initially as the most perfect animal in existence. As time goes on, you may notice, although, that no matter how cute your dog is, they will probably need some training to curtail bad behaviors. Pet Palace is here to help you understand why obedience training is not only important for your dog, but for you as their owner! Read on to learn about the many obedience training benefits.

How Does Obedience Training Help a Dog?

In your dog’s early years, they begin to develop certain habits, both good and bad. Many dogs who don’t undergo obedience training in their early years tend to have behavior problems, and these problems are not only an issue for the dog and their happiness, but can be stressful for owners too. Certain dog behaviors that obedience training can help rectify include:

  • Excessive barking – If your dog barks excessively at others, they most likely don’t understand social cues of when it’s okay to bark or not, so training is needed.
  • Chewing – This behavior can stem from your dog being anxious, bored, or full of excess energy. Dogs who are chewing on everything around them can stress their owners out, especially if their owner’s shoes or another item fall victim to the behavior.
  • Jumping on people – While this behavior often gets reinforced with positive encouragement, it can be unsafe for those who are not comfortable with dogs or small children, meaning rectifying it is important.
  • Separation anxiety – This is one of the most common dog behavior problems. Dogs who have separation anxiety tend to misbehave once their owner leaves them.
  • Begging – Constant begging can be seen in a dog who needs more attention, and giving your dog food when they beg only reinforces this bad habit.
  • Aggression – This is a dangerous behavior and can convey your dog’s underlying feelings of fear, dominance, pain, and more.

If you see some of these behaviors often in your dog, it’s a good idea to begin obedience training so you can put a stop to them. Obedience training uses techniques to teach your dog appropriate social behaviors, how to respond to specific commands, and how to understand boundaries.

Five Amazing Obedience Training Benefits

Obedience training for your pup offers a wide variety of long-lasting benefits. It’s recommended to begin obedience training with your dog as early as possible to create a good behavioral foundation and prevent bad habitsfrom forming. Here are five key benefits of obedience training.

1. Training Teaches Your Dog Confidence

The world can be a scary a place for a pup who is constantly being faced with new surroundings or people. Dogs sometimes act out with fear when they are intimidated or confused, but obedience training helps teach dogs how to behave in new environments, and how to interact with new people. This gives your dog the confidence to be in new surroundings and not to react out of fear.

Instead of feeling fearful, your dog will be able to focus on making new friendships and exploring the world.

2. A Stronger Bond Will Be Created for You and Your Pup

Obedience training helps you and your dog to understand one another better by picking up on each other’s communication methods and body language. Dogs also love positive reinforcement, and obedience training will helpyour dog feel accomplished when they do the right things.

With time and effort, you and your dog will develop a stronger bond because you’ve spent quality time working together.

3. Your Dog Will Become More Sociable

As your dog learns from obedience training, they will be exposed to new people and new animals. This is essential for your pup because becoming comfortable around new people is a life skill they need. It also reduces any kind of anxiety for your furry companion when being in a new setting because they will be used to interacting with others.

Whether you take your dog for a walk or have people over, obedience training will help them know how to behave and enjoy the company of others.

4. Training Will Keep Your Dog Safer

Obedience training is crucial for your dog’s well-being. Obedience training teaches your dog to listen to you when you say commands such as “no” or “come.” This will prevent your dog from being in problematic situations like running out into the street, escaping from your house, and more.

5. You’ll Have More Fun with Your Pup!

Obedience training shouldn’t be a chore or a burden for you. Training gives both you and your dog time to do fun activities together, explore different ways to communicate, and ultimately become a team. Get creative with obedience training and make it enjoyable to do! This will also give you the chance to watch your puppy grow into a mature dog, and you’ll feel rewarded to be able to see their potential.

While it may require patience along the way, the various obedience training benefits make the time and effort worth it.

Explore the Benefits of Obedience Training at Pet Palace in Columbus, Ohio

Don’t know where to start with obedience training? Pet Palace is here to help you! We offer dog training at our Columbus, Ohio location. Our program promotes the concrete values of positive reinforcement so your puppy can understand positive behaviors and develop good habits. We offer three different dog training services:

  • Polite Puppy Program – This is a 10-day course for puppies eight months and younger. Your puppy will learn the basic skills of obedience and socialization.
  • 10-Day Basic Adult Program – For dogs eight months and older, we offer one-on-one basic obedience training with a professional.
  • 20-Day Advanced Adult Program – A 4-week course is also available for dogs over the age of eight months. This program supplies consistent training with noticeable results.

Within any of these programs, your dog will take part in various obedience training methods so they can learn different ways to communicate. These include:

  • Clicker training
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Marker training
  • Model-rival training

Benefits of obedience training through Pet Palace include working with passionate and experienced professionals, gaininga positive environment where your puppy will leave feeling happy, and opportunities for engagement for your dog with new people.

Contact Pet Palace Today for Obedience Training

Want to learn more about the benefits of obedience training at Pet Palace in Columbus? Feel free to contact us with any questions. We hope to see you and your furry friend soon.

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