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Common Dog Behavior Problems and How Dog Training Can Help Solve Them

common dog behavior problems

Having trouble with your dog’s behavior? It can be stressful at times trying to control your dog from acting out, but there are solutions so you and your furry companion can be happy together! Read on to learn about common dog behavior problems you may see in your pup and how dog training can get your pet back on track.

What Do Dog Behavior Problems Look Like?

When taking a look into different dog behaviors, there are some that can be problematic. Dogs are very expressive animals and can sometimes communicate through disruptive behaviors. It’s necessary to identify these kinds of behavior in your furry friend so you can understand them better. Here is a look at six common dog behavior problems.

Excessive Barking

We know all dogs bark, but it’s a problem when it’s excessive or starts becoming an issue for others. As mentioned above, dogs are communicative animals, so it’s only natural for a dog to bark when they are bored, excited, or anxious. The issue with excessive barking is that your dog probably doesn’t know social cues for when it’s appropriate to bark or not.

For example, if someone walks into your house, your dog may start barking uncontrollably, which isn’t necessary for your pup to do. This behavior is often overlooked as a dog behavior issue, but it’s vital to teach your furry friend that they don’t need to bark in certain situations.


Chewing or other destructive behaviors can become an extreme annoyance, especially when your pup is chewing on your brand-new shoes or another important item. This kind of behavior can stem from boredom, excessive energy, anxiety, or curiosity. Chewing can become dangerous if your dog accidentally swallows something it shouldn’t, so it’s key to stop this habit as early as you can.

Jumping on People

When a dog sees someone new, it’s in their nature to jump up on them. While this behavior can be innocent, it can also be dangerous if your dog jumps on a child, an older person, or someone who isn’t comfortable around dogs. Jumping up on people can indicate that your dog is seeking attention and could become a habit if you do not dissuade them from doing so.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is the most common dog behavior problem. You will see a pup is experiencing separation anxiety if they start to misbehave after their owner leaves them. It’s also evident if a dog constantly follows their owner around the house and won’t leave their side. This behavior can be brushed off at times, but it’s important to implement changes so your dog isn’t upset when you leave them.


It can be hard to ignore those puppy dog eyes when your pet is begging, but giving them food just reinforces the bad behavior. A dog that is constantly begging is often seeking more attention, so it’s better to try to engage with your furry friend in different ways to lessen these behaviors. If your dog is constantly begging and being given food, it can lead to digestive problems and other health issues.


Aggression in a dog can manifest as growling, biting, barking, and showing teeth. This behavior can indicate underlying feelings of fear, dominance, pain, and more. Aggression is a dangerous behavior for your dog to display around other dogs and people, and it’s crucial for you to seek help for your dog if they experience this behavioral issue. It’s important to teach your dog that aggression is not an appropriate way to act.

How Dog Training Will Benefit You and Reduce Dog Behavior Issues

Now that you know different dog behavior problems, if you feel that your pup behaves in some of these ways, it might be time for your pet to get some training. Effective training is the main solution to dog behavior issues because a professional can work closely with your furry friend and help them learn how to communicate in appropriate ways. Some key aspects of dog training include:

No matter what your dog needs practice with, training will give your pup the opportunity to work with a professional on these behaviors. Once your dog spends some time in training, you will notice a difference and experience these benefits:

  • A happier dog – Your companion will come back from training mentally and physically stimulated. This will help prevent them from feeling bored and acting out with their previous bad behaviors. Your furry friend will also feel more confident in real-life situations with other people and animals.
  • A stronger bond between you and your dog – Since you won’t have to reprimand your pup for problematic behaviors, you can focus on building a relationship and having fun with them.
  • Safer situations – With your dog properly trained to deal with other people and animals, it will prevent them from getting into dangerous situations. This will keep you more at ease when bringing your dog around others.

As you can see, dog training provides a variety of benefits and has been shown to be not only advantageous for your pup but beneficial for you as well. It’s recommended to begin dog training as early as possible to establish those good habits and prevent dog behavior problems.

Dog Training at Pet Palace

If you believe that your furry friend needs training, Pet Palace offers effective dog training services in Columbus, Ohio! Our programs utilize positive reinforcement and help to build communication between you and your dog. Our dog training programs include:

  • Polite Puppy Program
  • 10-Day Basic Adult Program
  • 20-Day Advanced Adult Program

Each service includes various training methods designed to satisfy your furry friend’s needs. Our common dog training methods include:

  • Clicker training – This type of training involves our professionals using click signals to communicate to your dog when they perform good behavior, and is usually followed by a treat.
  • Positive reinforcement training – Dogs are rewarded with treats, praise, toys, and more when they complete a desired behavior.
  • Marker training – This method uses a verbal yes or no to communicate to the dog if they are doing the right behavior.
  • Model-rival training – For our puppy services, we will use another dog or person as an example to demonstrate good behavior. Dogs learn easily by mimicking others.

At Pet Palace, we love seeing pups transform into confident pets who can overcome their dog behavior issues. Sign up today for dog training in Columbus, Ohio!

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