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5 Benefits of Dog Training


benefits of dog training

Our dogs should bring us joy, companionship, and a sense of pride. But when a dog continually disobeys or exhibits behavioral issues, dealing with them can be a constant source of stress for both us and them.

Making sure your dog is properly trained is the responsibility of every dog owner—not just for your dog’s welfare, but for your own peace of mind as well.

No matter its age, breed, or temperament, every dog can benefit from a little instruction. Here are five benefits of dog training, or having them enrolled in an obedience class.

1. Dog Training Benefits Both Dog and Owner

When it comes to training, your dog isn’t the only one reaping the rewards. Working regularly with your dog helps you to better understand their needs, making you an even better owner as well.

It can also be a great source of exercise and open up new possibilities for you—the better behaved your dog is, the easier it is to take them along wherever you go.

2. It Makes Them Safer

The better you can control your dog with voice commands, the better you can protect them when unrestrained. A dog that bolts when off the leash is much more likely to run in front of a car, or to slip out the front door before you’re ready to leave.

Also, should your dog ever become lost or need to be placed in a shelter, being well-trained only increases the likelihood they will behave well, or, in the event it’s necessary, be placed with a new family.

3. It Helps Your Dog to Be More Sociable

As your dog learns to respect boundaries and behave properly in social situations, other dogs (and people) will be more comfortable and at ease around them as well. As a result, more of these interactions will be positive experiences for your dog.

If they begin to enjoy these social encounters, your dog will be more relaxed and manageable with each interaction.

4. Training Makes Boarding Your Dog Go Smoothly

That increased sociability we just mentioned becomes even more critical when it’s time to board your dog or when friends offer to take them in while you’re out of town.

It’s one thing for your dog to obey owner’s commands, but a successfully trained dog will also follow others’ orders when you’re not there. Unless you want to cut your vacation short because your dog isn’t playing well with others, making sure they’re properly trained should be a top priority.

5. Because You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

There are plenty of myths out there that might be stopping you from moving forward with your dog’s education. But many of them are just plain wrong, and some may even be causing you to encourage bad behavior.

For instance, a dog’s age is no indication of their capacity to be trained. Older dogs may need a few physical accommodations, particularly larger dogs or those with weight problems, but they can learn to take instruction just as well as younger dogs.

Dog Training Benefits for All Dogs – Young or Old, Big or Small

Now, these are just five of many dog training benefits. If you’ve ever searched “why is dog training important?” hopefully these five tips on the benefits of dog training will help guide you in the right direction.

A well-behaved dog experiences less stress, interacts better with others, and forms a stronger bond with you. At Pet Palace, our team is committed to helping your dog live the healthiest, happiest life possible, and a well-behaved dog will have much more fun on their next stay with us. Contact us or stop by one of our locations to make your next reservation.

Benefits of Dog Training at Pet Palace

Here at Pet Palace, we provide training programs for all skill levels. We are dedicated to helping dog owners bridge the communication gap between you and your furry friend. As you saw above, there are many dog training benefits and we supply our customers with a variety of programs rooted in positive reinforcement.

Our Columbus, Ohio dog training services include:

  • Polite Puppy Program – This is our core 10-day program for puppies who are under eight months old. Our trainer will work with your puppy on basic obedience skills and get them to socialize in a doggy daycare setting.
  • 10-Day Basic Adult Program – Our 10-day adult program is designed for dogs eight months and older. Their training time will consist of daily one-on-one training for a set amount of time based on the dog’s age.
  • 20-Day Advanced Adult Program – For dogs eight months and older, we offer a 4-week program that is customizable to the needs of the dog. This program allows for more consistent training, as well as better and faster results.

Contact Us Today for Dog Training Services

Now that you know the benefits of dog training, you will never have to search “why is dog training important?” ever again. Between our knowledge and services, our customers can get everything they need at Pet Palace. If you have questions or are interested in dog training, contact us today!

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