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The Best Pet Boarding Near Solon

pet boarding near Solon

At Pet Palace, we understand the stressors that are involved when having to drop your pet off for an extended stay. That’s why we’ve created a unique model which is designed with your pet in mind. Our approach prioritizes your pet’s safety and comfort, with our staff treating your pet as they would their own.

Solon pet boarding doesn’t have to be nerve-racking. It all comes down to the facility that you choose and the environment that’s been created. Our staff at Pet Palace has a passion for all animals, making sure that they are comfortable and feeling loved while you’re gone.

Choose Pet Palace for All Your Solon Pet Boarding Needs

If you take the steps to prepare your pet for an overnight stay, you can create a fun experience for them while you’re gone. They’ll have the chance to play with other furry friends and get a little vacation for themselves.

By selecting Pet Palace as your Solon, Ohio pet boarding facility, you’ll experience benefits such as:

  • Excellent staff – Our staff is properly trained to ensure that your pet receives only the best experience. We will monitor your pet’s health and keep a record of their stay here. We provide fresh water consistently and premium pet food. In the case that you’d rather bring your pet food from home in pre-measured bags, we also can give them that.
  • Boarding webcams – We are confident in the services that we provide and to highlight that we provide access to our boarding webcams so you can check in on your furry friend!
  • Personal care – When you choose our Solon pet boarding, our staff makes sure to collect all the information we need to mimic their home environment as closely as possible. This includes asking about feeding patterns, medical history, what makes your dog or cat happy or upset, and more!
  • Ample exercise and playtime – We make sure that your pet receives the attention they need throughout the day. For cats, we do this by ensuring they have toys to play with. For dogs, we take them out for multiple bathroom breaks and exercise sessions. You can also schedule additional play and exercise time in both our outdoor and indoor play areas!
  • High staff-to-pet ratio – By having a larger staff-to-pet ratio, it allows us to give our undivided attention to the pets staying with us. We can feed pets on set schedules, distribute medication, and customize your pet’s experience for any need.
  • Spa services – We offer more than just pet boarding near Solon, Ohio! We also supply grooming packages and extra pampering to give your pet the ultimate royal treatment.

Looking for Pet Boarding Near Solon, Ohio? Contact Us Today

If you are in search of pet boarding near Solon, Ohio, Pet Palace is more than happy to help! To learn more about the boarding experience, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, if you’re ready to schedule your pet’s first stay, book a reservation now!

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