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Tips for Caring for a Sick Pet

how to care for a sick dog

As a pet owner, it’s a terrible feeling when your pet becomes ill. It can overwhelm you and cause physical, mental, and financial burdens on your everyday life. At the end of the day, your pet’s health is a priority, and you play a key role into their health since you know them best, so having the information you need to help them is vital.

Whether you are currently dealing with a sick pet or just want to be proactive for the future, check out our info on what to look out for and how to be the best support system for your furry friend as they heal.

Symptoms to Pay Attention To

It can sometimes be hard to tell if your pet is in pain since they can’t verbally communicate that to you. If you have a sense that your pet may not be feeling very well, one of the most important things you can do is keep an eye out for common symptoms.

While some pets can be quite good at masking their symptoms, you will likely notice changes in their typical activity levels or personality. Some common symptoms that indicate your pet may be sick include:

  • Lethargy or hiding
  • Frequent diarrhea or vomiting
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Bad breath or foul odor coming from skin or ears
  • Respiratory problems including sneezing, coughing, excessive panting, trouble breathing
  • Trouble walking or climbing up the stairs
  • Inability to urinate or have bowel movements
  • Abnormal crying or whining
  • Unexplained aggression

How to Care for a Sick Dog or Cat

If you’re wondering about how to care for your sick dog or cat, the first step is getting medical advice and help by taking them to the veterinarian. The doctors will be able to give you a better understanding of issues, as well as how you can properly care for your pet.

In terms of handing care daily for your sick pet, some tips include:

  • If prescribed medication, make sure you know the correct dosage and understand how to properly distribute it. It may be hard to give your pet tablets or droplets, but the vet will be able to demonstrate this for you so you’ll be better equipped at doing the same at home. Also, be sure to feed your sick pet separately and from any other pets if medication is being put in their food, since you do not want to cause issues for your healthy companions.
  • Understand that your pet may want a quiet environment. This may mean leaving them alone, giving them a quiet space to heal in, and making sure other pets and children are giving them a chance to rest.
  • Be conscious of any special physical needs your sick pet may have. If medications make your pet more inclined to drink water, resulting in increased urination, you may need to take them outside more frequently or clean their litter sooner.
  • If your pet is lacking energy, they may not feel up to grooming themselves, and that’s where you need to step in and help. By utilizing a wet cloth or just brushing them, you can let your pet feel more refreshed.

Pet Palace Has the Knowledge and Expertise on How to Care for a Sick Dog or Cat

Our team at Pet Palace prioritizes watching the behavior of all pets who stay in our facility, monitoring your pet’s diet and keeping track of any medical needs.

Additionally, we make sure that in the case your pet shows signs of being sick, we will take them to your personal veterinarian because we understand nobody knows how to care for a sick dog or cat better than your own vet.

Nobody likes seeing their pet under the weather, but hopefully by following the steps listed above you’ll have them back to their old selves in no time. Once your pet is feeling better, reward them with a playful day at Pet Palace alongside our friendly staff and their furry friends!

We Hope Your Pet Starts Feeling Better Soon!

At Pet Palace, we want to give you true peace of mind while you’re away from your pet, and we do that by offering a unique model with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. Offering services such as dog or cat boarding, pet day care, and grooming, we can give your pet the love and personal attention they deserve while you’re away.

Contact our team today to learn more about all we offer!

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