10 Ways to Take Advantage of Spring with Your Dog

10 Ways to Take Advantage of Spring with Your Dog

Dog Spring ActivitiesAs excited as you might be for the warm spring weather, your dog is even happier. It has been a long, cold winter inside, and your pup is ready to go outside and run around without freezing his/her paws off! Just as the warm weather can boost your mood, it can also do the same for dogs. They love all the sights and sounds that the warmer seasons bring. In order to take advantage of the nicer weather, we have put together a list of fun and exciting canine activities that you and your beloved furry friend can do together this spring:

Take Your Dog to Dinner

Okay, before you laugh at this one, there are actually restaurants around the Columbus area that allow you to bring your dog out to eat (sitting outside on the patio of course)! Gresso’s on High Street, for example, was voted #1 Dog Friendly Patio in the city. They also have a ‘Pups on the Patio’ special every Tuesday where dog owners can bring their pup and enjoy a dinner together.

Take Your Pup on a Hike

Your dog is a natural born explorer, so what better way to awaken their senses than with a hike at a local park? This is a great way for your pooch to get some much-needed doggie exercise, especially if he or she put on some weight during the winter months (Hey, it happens to the best of us). There are some great dog-friendly hiking trails that will spark enough adventure for one day. Check out the pet-friendly Olentangy Greenway multi-use trail if you are looking for a local spot.

Create an Obstacle Course for Your Pup

There is a reason why obstacle courses are so exciting, and it is because they spark a challenge – that is exactly what your dog loves too! Running through tunnels and jumping over obstacles is exactly what dog playtime means to him/her. Create an obstacle course in your backyard with extra “stuff” you have around your home. If you want to get more creative, visit your local home improvement store for supplies to create something a little more elaborate.

Go to the Pet Expo

You love going to expos and getting free stuff, right? Well, this is an activity that your pup will surely enjoy too! With all the samples of free treats, food, and toys, your pooch will be in doggie heaven. You can even score some freebies as a pet parent yourself! Schedule your visit to the next event – The Columbus Pet Expo is going on April 17th- April 19th at the Ohio Expo Center.

Go Rollerblading or Bicycling Together

If you own a big dog, it can be hard to keep up with him or her when you go for a walk. Next time you head out for an evening walk, try something new and strap on your rollerblades or hop on your bicycle instead. This will allow your dog to get some great exercise, and you will be able to keep up!

Throw Around a Frisbee at Alum Creek State Park

Since we live in Ohio, sometimes we are limited to the outdoor places we can take our pups. However, on beautiful and sunny spring days, there is no better place in the Columbus area to take your pet besides Alum Creek State Park. With sand and beach-like areas all around the park, you are sure to find somewhere to kick off your shoes and play with your pup. Throw the Frisbee, and let him/her chase it into the water. Dogs love nothing more than to splash around in the water, especially as the temps warm up!

Indulge Your Pup to a Treat

When we say “indulge” your pet, we are not just talking about your average dog biscuit! Just like you deserve a scoop of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream once in a while, your dog deserves something a little special too! Nestle makes a frozen dessert called “Frosty Paws” that is healthy for your dog, and they are sure to beg for more.

Play in the Sprinkler

Have you ever watched a dog play in a sprinkler? It is quite amusing for both you and your pooch. There is some kind of challenge about catching the water in their mouth that will keep them at it for hours. If it is warm enough, this is a perfect outdoor dog activity.

Take a Road Trip

Take your furry friend on a doggie adventure and travel somewhere exciting and new. A change of scenery is good for you and your dog. Exploring is in their nature, so why not feed that by exploring new places together? Whether it is a weekend getaway or a full-on vacation, your dog will love every minute, especially hanging his/her head out the window!

Soak Up the Sun Together

Have you ever noticed how your dog can just lie in the sun for hours? It is so relaxing, and sometimes we just need to take a note from our pups and do the same. Set up a blanket in the backyard and have your dog curl up beside you for some much needed R&R together.

Spring time is a great time of year to get outside and make memories with your dog. Make sure to take along a camera to capture all of the fun moments you will have together. Now get outside and enjoy this lovely weather!

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