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How to Make Your Backyard Extremely Dog-Friendly

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Having a dog is one of life’s greatest joys. They love you unconditionally and it is only right that you show them the same amount of love by providing them with such joys as a dog friendly backyard. Dogs love playing outside, but you need to make sure that your outdoor area for your dog is a safe one. Making certain improvements will not only make your fury friend happy, but it will put your mind at ease the next time you open your door to let him or her play. Here are some tips for ensuring your backyard is dog friendly.


Keeping your fury friends safe is the number one priority for any pet owner. Make sure you have adequate fencing and that the locks work properly. Also make sure that the fence is a reasonable size for the dog. Smaller chain-link fences do not keep large dogs from escaping.

Running Space

Dogs love to run and play just like children do so they need room to run. If you have a bigger dog make sure there is plenty of room for them to run. The more they play the less mischievous they are likely to be. If you have a smaller yard you can still make room for your dog to run by creating paths he can roam on. Dogs love the adventure, big or small.

Add Adventure

Add fun features to your backyard such as a doggie path to explore on or some kind of dog play area. Also, have some of their favorite toys on hand for them to play with. On really warm summer days hook up the sprinkler and let them play in the water!

Food and Water Area

Have plenty of food and water accessible for whenever their thirst or hunger strikes them. If possible, consider some type of flowing water system like a fountain in a small wading pond. Dogs love to splash around so if this is something you can create in your backyard, we know your pooch will be very happy.

Doggie Shelter

Having a dog house is a necessity if your dog is an outdoor dog or spends most of the day outdoors. This is very important as they can get hot from the sun and need a place to rest. Line the floors with a soft padded material of some kind so that it can provide warmth in the winter months.

Keep Them out of Harm’s Way

Keep your outdoor dog play areas free of harmful toxins. Dogs like to explore and unfortunately they do not know the harm in certain things. It is your job to keep these harmful chemicals or plants out of your backyard so that your beloved pooch will not get sick. Also be cautious of the type of plants you are planting. Make sure the plants are not thorny or that they will scratch them up.

Materials Used in Backyard

Consider the materials you use when landscaping your backyard. In the summer months certain materials can get extremely hot. These are very uncomfortable for your dog to walk on and can burn their little feet. Consider brick, concrete, flagstone, pebbles, and smooth rocks as safe choices for your patio area or backyard. They will greatly appreciate this, especially when sunbathing.

Creating a dog friendly backyard is just what your pup is longing for. Adding these features will ensure a happy dog along with the pride in knowing that they have the best outdoor play area on the block. If you can’t afford, or don’t have the space to accommodate every one of these tips suggested here, make sure to always regard the safety and health of your dog to ensure their utmost happiness.

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