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4 Great DIY Summertime Treats to Feed Your Dog

Summertime Dog TreatsHas your dog ever watched with envy as you ate that juicy burger or licked away at that creamy ice cream cone? Just like we have our favorite summertime treats that we love to indulge in, they too, enjoy an occasional treat! After all, they are part of the family too. Since some of our foods can be harmful to our pets, it is important that we give them something that is safe and tasty. The best way to go about spoiling your pup with a delicious treat is to simply make your own DIY summer dog treats.

The Benefits of Making Your Own Summer Dog Treats

We want to treat our dogs like our own children; therefore, we must make sure that they are eating the best foods and treats. Let’s first state the obvious – making your own DIY summer dog treats is definitely safe. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on the back of the treat package? Wow, would you want to eat something made with ethylenediamine dihydriodide? DIY not only allow you to use healthy ingredients from your own kitchen but they are also the much cheaper option.

Here are some great DIY summer dog treats that you can try at home this summer which are sure to make your pup very happy!

DIY Summer Dog Treat Recipes

Peanut Butter and Coconut Dog Biscuits via TidyMom

These treats will be one of your dog’s favorites because it has peanut butter in these delicious biscuits, and you know dogs love peanut butter, right? The overall time to make these treats takes about 35 minutes – 15 minutes being spent prepping and 20 minutes for baking and cutting them. You can find the list of ingredients and directions here.

Bacon Dog Biscuits via Dukes & Duchesses

Dogs and bacon: hose are just two words that go well together. Well, at least in their world. Dogs seem to love bacon just as much as humans do, so why not treat them to a bacon doggie biscuit? This biscuit does not actually have bacon pieces in it, so you can enjoy the bacon while making the treats. Win, win! For more information on all the tasty ingredients that go into this DIY dog treat recipe, click here.

Two-Ingredient Homemade Dog Treat via Dog\Milk

This DIY dog treat recipe is probably one of the easiest recipes to make! With only two ingredients, baby food and whole wheat flour, these dog treats are something you can make over and over again. The prep time is very quick, and they bake in the oven for only about 25 minutes. After cooling, they are ready to serve to your dog. This link will take you to the recipe and give you a few tips on picking out certain baby foods and ones you might want to avoid.

Homemade Dog Treats via Add A Pinch

Again, on the subject of meats and the fond love that dogs have for such delicacies, we have another DIY dog treat that your dog is sure to love! These dog treats contain beef broth which gives them that perfect savory flavor that they seem to crave. With a 10 minute prep time and a 20 minute cooking time, these will be ready in no time. For the list of the ingredients that goes into this recipe and the directions, click here.

As you can see, it is fairly easy to create these tasty treats for the canine members of your family. After all, it is summer time and they deserve a little homemade treat as well!

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