Keep your dog coolWith the dog days of summer upon us, staying cool outdoors can be a constant struggle. And for our furry friends, the summer heat can be unbearable.

Since our dogs can’t fill the pool themselves, it falls to us to make sure they have help beating the summer heat. Thankfully, there are a lot of crafty ways to do just that—here are a few DIY ways to keep your dog cool for the rest of the summer.

1. Frozen Toys and Treats

Ice cream might not be the best thing for your dog’s stomach, but there are plenty of frozen treats they can try. Zoo keepers have been using this idea for years, and your dog will appreciate her own version as well.

To make some doggie popsicles your pet will go wild over, just fill a big bowl of water with some of her favorite toys or treats, and stick it in the freezer overnight. Apple slices can make a good addition, and will also help clean her teeth and freshen breath at the same time. Pop the ice block out of the bowl in the morning, and you’ve got a frozen treat your dog can enjoy all afternoon.

You can also find molds for toy-shaped popsicles online to make a bigger or smaller treat, depending on the size of your dog. And if you want something simpler, a frozen carrot makes a good replacement for their regular chew toy.

2. Their Own Place in the Shade

You may not want a soggy (or shedding) dog lounging just anywhere. Instead, giving your dog her own dedicated shady spot can keep both her and you happy.

Tarps, sheets or even collapsible awnings are any easy way to create some shade for your dog. Under these you can place her water dish, some of the frozen snacks mentioned above, or even a few box fans to keep air moving.

You can even put together a homemade cooling bed for her shady spot, using an inflatable pool toy and some towels, in a few easy steps.

3. The Right Summer Attire

Since dogs don’t sweat, controlling their body temperature can be difficult during the hottest days of the year, particularly if you’re out somewhere away from shelter and water. On these days, a homemade cooling vest can be an easy way to keep them from overheating.

You can make a simple vest out of old cargo shorts or pants, placing frozen ice packs in the large cargo pockets. You can find an easy pattern for the vest (which can double as a backpack) on Instructibles.

Other simple solutions may be a bandana or scarf tied around your dog’s neck, that can be soaked in cool water, or a blanket attached to her collar and fitted to her back and shoulders that can be kept wet.

4. A DIY Doggie Water Park

Your kids aren’t the only ones who get excited about the water park – but you usually can’t bring your dogs along. Instead, dedicate a small kiddie pool for your pets to enjoy. If you have a small small child’s playground (and don’t mind doggie nails scratching up the slide), try putting the pool at the bottom of the slide, and sit back and enjoy the show.

Sprinklers can also be arranged into an obstacle course, and can be as simple as taping a two-liter bottle with holes poked in it to your hose.

5. Try Their Own Resort

If the heat gets to be too much, you can always check your dog into one of our pet resorts for an extended stay, or just a day visit. Our resorts have several indoor and outdoor ways to beat the heat, and a haircut from our groomers can also help your dog stay cool. You can make an online reservation today!