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5 Dog-Friendly Airports in the United States

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Even though we love our furry friends, travelling with them can be stressful. Thankfully, many airports in the United States have upgraded and created a more pet-friendly experience for our dogs, so stressful travel can be greatly reduced.

Here is a list of the most dog-friendly airports in the United States!

1. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

When it comes to the most dog-friendly airport amenities, JFK is the winner. Within the JFK airport, multiple terminals feature post-security pet areas, letting you take your dog somewhere without having to go back through security.

Specifically at Terminal 5, there is a 4,000-square-foot outdoor garden, referred to as the “wooftop.” This space is open to all passengers and their pets and includes tables and chairs to seat up to 50.

American Airlines has also installed a 1,000-square-foot patch of grass in Terminal 8 for your dogs to roam around in before or after a flight. Also, at Terminal 4, there is an artificial grass area that is 70 square feet with built-in drainage, a replica fire hydrant, wash sink, bag dispenser, and waste receptable.

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

ATL is the next dog-friendly airport to check out. This airport not only has pet-relief areas following security checkpoints, but there is a 1,000-square-foot dog park located pre-security. Plus, the park is fully fenced in with benches and biodegradable bags.

3. Denver International Airport (DEN)

Denver International Airport has pet relief areas that include turf flooring with a drainage system. There is also an artificial rock and wall murals to showcase Colorado outdoor scenery.

Check out this dog-friendly airport for pet-friendly areas in concourses A, B, and C!

4. Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

If you are taking your furry friend through CLT, perhaps after dropping off your pet at our Charlotte location, you will have many options for pet relief. You can make a quick stop here, but keep in mind these areas aren’t enclosed for privacy so a leash may help keep your dog from running off. They do, however, have necessities such as artificial turf, a fire hydrant, and clean-up supplies.

Find these pet relief areas in pre-security at the end of the arrivals/baggage claim level and in concourse A, D, and E post-security.

5. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

LAX is another dog-friendly airport that has many areas for your pet before and after security. In terminals T3 or T6, you can get some fresh air in the outdoor atrium or visit the private facilities with functional fake grass, fire hydrants, clean-up supplies and fresh water.

There is also a farmers market in Terminal 5 where you can pick up a toy or some flavored treats, or you can head to Terminal 7’s Ashland Hill for dog biscuits.

You can find the pet relief areas in T1, T2, T4, T5, T7, TBIT, outside of T3 and T6, and a few others in pre-security!

If you’re planning to take your pet with you on your travels, be sure to plan ahead. These dog-friendly airports have gone above and beyond to ensure your pet is comfortable, so definitely take advantage!

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