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6 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

National Pet Month

We’re always looking for ways to celebrate fur babies and this is no exception. May is National Pet Month and we are here for it! There are all kinds of ways to celebrate your pet, whether it be with new treats, new activities, or new friends, and we’re here to help make sure your pet feels extra special during National Pet Month.

1. Schedule a Playdate

Looking to acclimate your pet to new friends or a new environment for National Pet Month? Schedule a playdate! A playdate is a great way to adjust your pet to interactions with other pets and increase their social skills with humans.

Playdates will help ensure that your pet is socialized and ready to interact with others. Plus, scheduling a playdate, especially when your pet is young, can lead to a happier and more well-adjusted dog.

2. Take Them on Adventures During National Pet Month

If your pet is social and enjoys interactions with humans and other dogs, there are plenty of places that will allow you to take them with you. Some of the most common dog-friendly places include:

  • Bars and breweries – In most cases, because bars and breweries don’t have kitchens, they’re pet friendly! This means that your fur babies can join you and friends when you’re out and about.
  • Hardware stores – Because they don’t serve food, most hardware stores allow your pets to accompany you. Celebrate National Pet Month by bringing your furry friend along for a trip to the hardware store.
  • Coffee shops – Many coffee shops will welcome your pup, and may even give them a pup cup, or a puppuccino. If you haven’t, you should take your doggo out for a pup cup (whipped cream and dog biscuits) to give them a great treat. But remember, it’s always best to check with your coffee shop to ensure they’re pet friendly first.
  • Pet stores – As you probably already know, pet stores will always welcome your furry friend. Your dog will love an adventure to the pet store where they can see new toys and have all of the sniffs.

No matter where you go, taking your pet to places you frequent means that they’ll get to spend more quality time with you, which will always make them happy.

3. Bake Them Treats!

No celebration is complete without baked goods. Whether you’re baking a cake or homemade treats, making something healthy and wholesome for your pet is a great way to celebrate National Pet Month.

It’s important to make sure that you do research on what your pet can eat before you start baking, however. Some common baking ingredients that are pet-safe include peanut butter and sweet potatoes.  Be sure to consult lists of pet-safe foods before starting.

4. Throw a Party for Your Pet

If you haven’t seen a video of a pet arriving at a party thrown in their honor or walking through a parade, you should find one. A pet party is a great way to show your pet how loved they are during National Pet Month.

Most doggos are happy to be surrounded by humans and other pets that they love. If your dog isn’t incredibly social, consider celebrating them a dog-safe cake and a few close friends or family members.

5. Go to a New Park

Most dogs love a trip to the park. Whether it’s a regular park or a dog park, going to one is a great way to expose your dog to new friends and lots of exercise.

Plus, many dog parks will allow your pet to be off leash, which can be a wonderful experience for a dog that’s used to being constrained. Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings though, and keep an eye on your pet when you take them to avoid mishaps.

6. Donate to a Local Shelter

While this might not be high on your pet’s list for celebrating National Pet Month, this option is a valuable one. Donating to a local shelter or charity for animals is a philanthropic way to give back during National Pet Month, ensuring that all the pups out there have just what they need!

Looking to Board Your Pet During National Pet Month? Contact Pet Palace!

Unfortunately, life doesn’t pause during National Pet Month and chances are you may have travel plans. If you find yourself looking for pet care, we can help! Our staff is full of animal lovers who are ready to show your fur baby the love and care they need during National Pet Month.

Contact us today to inquire about boarding, daycare, and grooming services!

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