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5 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Prepping your dog for boarding

Vacation is your time to unwind and escape the stresses of your busy life. Why not make your time away just as enjoyable for your dog? They deserve a vacation as well!

Boarding your dog when you’re out of town is a great way to ensure that they are thoughtfully cared for while you’re away. To keep both of your vacations as stress-free as possible, our team at Pet Palace wants to provide you with five things that you can do to prepare your dog before boarding!

Consider a Boarding Trial

If your dog is particularly nervous or prone to separation anxiety, it’s a good idea to plan a trial boarding stay. The trial stay of at least 24 hours eases your dog into a new environment and a new daily routine. You may find that your dog will adjust much better when it comes time for a longer stay in the future.

Adjust Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits

If your dog sleeps with you in your bed each night, you can expect him or her to be upset with sleeping alone at the boarding facility. Do your best to get them adjusted to sleeping alone. If they cry when sleeping alone, you can expect them to cry when they’re boarded.

Keep Your Dog Comfortable

Regardless of the creature comforts your chosen boarding facility provides, there’s nothing like the comfort of home. Bring a familiar rug for your dog to sleep on, as it will help them feel more secure. The facility may allow you to bring your dog’s bed, so ask in advance.

Does your dog have a favorite toy? If so, bring that as well! Any little reminders of home can help your dog feel less stressed and more comfortable while you are away.

Drop Off Your Dog in the Morning

If your schedule permits, drop your dog off at the boarding facility early in the morning. This gives them the entire day to adjust to their surroundings before it’s time to bed down for the night.

Visit Your Dog’s Veterinarian

It’s important, and considerate to the other dogs, that you de-flea and de-worm your dog. You should also update your dog’s vaccinations at least two weeks prior to boarding. Both of these precautions are typically required before boarding.

Follow these tips and you’ll help your dog have a much more pleasant stay, and you can enjoy peace of mind while you are on your vacation!

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