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8 Christmas Presents for Your Fur Baby


DIY Pet GiftsChristmas is quickly approaching, and if you are anything like us, you have your fur baby listed on your gift list too! Why not include them in this wonderful time of giving?! They are family, right? Many pet owners make it a point each year to gift at least one present to their beloved pets.

Whether it is the family cat, who has her fair share of catnip toys or your pup who is in need of another chew toy (because all of the others are in pieces), we know your pets deserve the very best too! Here are some of our favorite DIY Pet gifts and presents that you can make for your furry friend this Christmas.

Our Favorite DIY Pet Gifts

  1. DIY Cat Tent – Cats love having small spaces to hide in. Have you ever seen a cat wiggle themselves into the most unlikely place?! They love to be warm and cozy, preferably inside of something enclosed (need we remind you about their love for boxes?). This DIY cat tent is incredibly cheap to make, and we are certain that your kitty will love it. The best part is you can wash the tee shirt or even replace it with a new one if they get a little crazy and tear it (let’s hope not!).
  2. DIY Treat Dispenser – Does your dog love to beg for those delicious treats every time he comes in from the potty? We have seen those puppy eyes too! It is hard to resist, but why not give your dog a little challenge to getting a treat. This DIY pet gift encourages your pup to turn the bottle upside down, thus releasing a treat. It will take those begging eyes off of you and give them something to do.
  3. DIY Cat Scratcher & Cat Wand – Cats love two things and two things only: a warm, cozy place to sleep for hours on end and toys for their entertainment. This DIY pet gift will make any cat (and cat lover) very happy! Both of these gifts tend to a cats needs – the need to scratch and sharpen their claws (Also, saving your beautiful upholstery on the couch), and the need to chase and capture their prey (or as we know it as… the fuzzy ball of string).DIY Pet Gifts
  4. DIY No-Sew Chew Toy – This DIY pet gift is great if you are challenged in the sewing department!
    It does not require any needles or thread. This is probably one of the easier DIY projects on this list, and it requires only a few supplies. It can even double as a chew toy or a pillow to rest their little head on.
  5. DIY Tug Toy – What dog doesn’t love playing fetch and tug-of-war? This toy combines both of those in one. Your dog is sure to love this toy, and the best part is, it is very easy to make.
  6. DIY Felt Catnip Toy – Have you ever seen a cat with a catnip toy? It is quite amusing! Trust us when we say they love it more. This catnip toy will keep your cat entertained for hours, and we are sure that it will provide some great entertainment for you as well! Win, win!
  7. DIY Cat Treats – If your cat prefers the delicacies, such as a succulent treat, over a ball and string, we get it! This one is for you – homemade cat treats. This recipe is an all-natural treat that is good for your pet too.
  8. DIY Dog Biscuits – Just like our furry cat friends, dogs love a good treat too! Dogs love the reward of a tasty treat, especially one made with all the good stuff, like peanut butter and bacon! (I mean, who doesn’t love peanut butter and bacon?!)

There are many great pet gift ideas out there that only require a little creativity and love to make. Now that we have given you some awesome DIY gift ideas for you pet, it is time to get to crafting! Time is running out and Christmas will be here before you know it!

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