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5 Cool Summer Treats For Your Cat

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on June 12, 2014

Summer days mean beaches, barbecues, and lots of outdoor fun. But unfortunately, it also means that there’ll be some days that are so hot that you find yourself longing for cooler weather. Like you, your cat also enjoys feeling comfortable when the weather becomes oppressive. So, to keep your cat cool, we’ve got some ideas… Read More

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Posted by: Lora Shaw, on March 12, 2014

Attention pet lovers and travel enthusiasts! Pet Palace is giving you a chance to win THE ULTIMATE SPRING BREAK GIVE-A-WAY FOR YOUR PET (a $190 retail value)! What’s an ultimate spring break look like for your furry friend? It’s the royal treatment for your dog or cat while you’re away on vacation. Our friendly and… Read More

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6 Fun Tips for Exercising and Keeping Your Pet Active During the Winter

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on January 20, 2014

With snow on the ground and frigid temperatures, it can seem like a challenge to keep your pet active in the wintertime. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Check out some of our favorite ideas for preventing your pet from putting on the pounds this season. Play Fetch While your feline might… Read More

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Five Homemade Toys That Your Cat Will Absolutely Love

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on September 24, 2013

Americans spent $53B on their pets in 2012, from vet care to toys to grooming and boarding. We love to buy monogrammed sweaters, personalized water bowls, and treats for our precious pets. But when it comes to cats and their toys, simple items you already have around your house can be just as intriguing as… Read More

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4 Reasons To Board Your Pet While On Vacation

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on May 1, 2013

Going on vacation can be a huge ordeal, even if you aren’t going far away from home. Packing, planning, and getting out the door alone can be a chore, and you may not even have thought about what to do with your pets while you’re away. Do you have a friend come over and check… Read More

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7 Tips to Finding a Good Dog Daycare

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on March 27, 2013

Let’s face it: your dog is part of your family, right? You want what’s best for him and you certainly don’t want him to suffer. What do you do, then, when he needs Doggy Day Care? You don’t want to just open the YellowPages and pick someone at random. Here are 7 tips on how… Read More

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5 Reasons to Regularly Groom Your Pet

Posted by: Lora Shaw, on March 27, 2013

Here at Pet Palace, we know grooming your pet is essential for many reasons. From proper animal socialization to coat and skin health, regular grooming has numerous benefits that are important to consider. So, without delay, here are five reasons why you should regularly groom your pet. Increasing Socialization When it comes to dogs and cats,… Read More

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