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6 Fun Tips for Exercising and Keeping Your Pet Active During the Winter

Keep Pets Active

With snow on the ground and frigid temperatures, it can seem like a challenge to keep your pet active in the wintertime. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Check out some of our favorite ideas for preventing your pet from putting on the pounds this season.

Play Fetch

While your feline might give you the cold shoulder over this game, this is a sure crowd pleaser with dogs. Grab a favorite toy, toss it down the hall, and repeat. Fifteen minutes later, your dog will be looking forward to nap time.

Use a Laser Pointer

Cats go nuts for laser pointers and even the occasional dog will play with them. Simply aim it across the room and once your pet has found it, move it a couple of inches. For extra fun, run it up the leg of an unsuspecting friend!

Go on a Trip

A great way to get out of the house is to take a trip to your local pet store. Most pet stores welcome its animal visitors. Best of all, you can get a few laps in around the pet store after selecting a new toy.

Take a Class

Many pet stores offer agility classes to keep your dog active. This also makes a great way to bond with your pet indoors. Or, consider a day of Doggy Day Care—your dog will have the opportunity to interact with other pooches during playtime.

Hide and Seek

When your dog isn’t looking, sneak into another room. Call for him or her and when they find you, reward them with a healthy treat. You can try this with your cat, but you may find that you stay “missing” for a long time.

Get a Puzzle Feeder

With a puzzle feeder, your pet has to work to obtain his treat. Both dogs and cats enjoy these and they make for great entertainment on a slow winter day.

Rotate the ideas above for maximum fun and you’ll find that keeping your pet active in the wintertime is less difficult than it sounds. The great news is that not only will your pet keep those pounds off, but they’ll also get to enjoy spending quality time with you! As always, if you have any questions about your pet, head over to our website, send us an e-mail, or give us a call anytime.

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