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5 DIY Dog Toys for Your Pup’s Valentines Day

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At Pet Palace, we believe that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. This year, don’t forget your pooch! After all, your pup offers up unconditional love and genuine excitement when you walk through your front door. So, in honor of this loving holiday, we have some suggestions for easy DIY toys to gift your dog with this Valentine’s Day.

Nothing Squeaks “I Love You” Like This Toy

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, making a squeaky dog toy is a breeze. Simply cut 2 hearts out of a heavy canvas fabric. Sew them together leaving a ¼” seam. Leave a small opening to stuff the heart with polyfill and add a squeaker. Stitch it closed by hand and expect your dog to go bow-wow over it!

Puzzled About How to Keep Fido Busy?

If you’ve got an old tennis ball lying around, grab a knife and cut an “X” into the ball. Then, stuff it with a treat or two. Give it to your pooch and enjoy watching them bat the puzzle toy around to get a taste of the tantalizing treat.

Tired of Your 80s Acid-Washed Jeans?

Turn them into a tug-of-war toy! First, cut one leg off of the jeans. Then, cut down the length of the leg you just removed. When finished, the denim will lay flat in a rectangular shape. Roll the denim up until it’s only about 2 inches wide. Then, tie a knot in the center. Your dog will have hours of fun playing tug-of-war with you!

Fishing for Fun

The dog toy fishing pole is inexpensive and a great idea when you’re looking for ways to keep your canine busy.  Pick up a PVC pipe (no longer than 2.5 feet in length) from your local hardware store.  This will be the base of your fishing pole.  Then, tie nylon paracord or rope around one end of your pipe.  Tie the other end of the line to a dog toy. Voila–your very own dog toy fishing pole!

Easiest Dog Toy Ever

For those who don’t consider themselves crafty, this toy is for you. Grab a muffin tin. Put a small quality treat (chicken, anyone?) on the bottom of each tin and then place a tennis ball over each treat. You may need to lift a ball up so your dog can sniff out the treat beneath. Then, allow your dog to ambush it!

These inexpensive toys are so simple to make that you can even gift your canine with a few of them, if you’re feeling so inclined. And your pup will go woof for them! From all of us at Pet Palace, have a Happy Valentine’s Day and a doggone good time playing with your pooch and his or her new toys!

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