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Colored Ribbons on Dog Leashes: What Do They Mean?

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More and more dog owners are using colored collars for their pets to give outside parties an indication of their pet’s individual temperament. By following the colored ribbons on dog collars, owners can make others aware of pet disabilities, pet temperament, and more. Below, we’ll take a look at what these dog collar ribbons’ colors mean and what might match your favorite pup.

Dog Leash Ribbon Colors Defined

Green – Friendly

Green indicates that your dog is open to meeting new people and pets and that they are comfortable in an interactive environment.

Yellow – Nervous

A dog wearing a yellow collar may not necessarily be reactive in social settings but instead has a more delicate temperament and therefore requires more space. Dogs that fall into this color category are usually injured, elderly, or just don’t do well in the heat.

Red – Cautious

If you come across a dog with a red collar it is best to steer clear and avoid that pet. Dogs with red colors are prone to aggression, and in some cases are in critical condition themselves.

Orange – No Dogs

Pets wearing an orange collar are usually quite fond of other people but do not do as well with other dogs. If you are a fellow pet owner and come across a pup in an orange collar, be wary of the distance between your pet and them and adjust accordingly.

Blue – Training/Working

Dogs that you see in a blue collar are typically service dogs or those getting newly acquainted to the environment around them and need some space to concentrate.

Purple – Do Not Feed

Owners that have their dog in a purple collar ask that you not feed their pets. Some dogs are on special diets and have very delicate stomachs, so these collars help to indicate that.

White – Blind/Deaf

A white collar is specifically for dogs with a disability, such as blindness or deafness. These pups can be startled quite easily by a pedestrian or another dog, so special consideration is appreciated.

Why Are Dog Leash Ribbons Important?

Purchasing your very own dog leash, collar, or ribbon is the first step to ensuring your dog is given the space and comfort they need when out and about on a walk. As stated above, the colored ribbons on dog leashes help identify how comfortable a dog is with being around others and being touched. Even if your dog doesn’t have their own dog leash ribbon, it’s important to be aware of them for potential future encounters for you and your pup.

One thing to keep in mind is it’s always important to ask the owner of a dog if their pet would like to be touched. This helps you and neighbors have better encounters with one another and make dog friends!

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