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Fun DIY Treats for Your Cat

DIY Cat Treats

If you find yourself watching cat videos on YouTube for hours on end, you may be a cat lover! As a matter of fact, we, too, are cat lovers and happen to enjoy our feline friends just as much! This is why we think you should go the extra mile to give your beloved kitties the very best cat treats. After all, they are rather finicky creatures!

Here, we have listed some of our favorite recipes for DIY cat treats that you can make for your little kitty. We have even thrown in a few DIY cat toys that you can make too, since they tend to get bored of their toys fairly quickly!

6 DIY Cat Treats and Toys You Can Make At Home

  1. Tuna Treats– Your cat is certain to love these treats based off of their smell alone! The primary ingredient is tuna oil, and what cat wouldn’t love that? One thing we might consider adding to this recipe is some good ole’ cat nip.
  2. Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats – This cat treat recipe is similar to the one listed above, but this one includes actual tuna, not just the oil, in the recipe. Simply add all of the ingredients into a food processor, heat in the oven, and store in an airtight container! Bonus points if you take the time to find or make a cute container like the one shown!
  3. Salmon Bites – You are probably starting to notice a trend by now…cats love fish! No surprise here that the main ingredient in this recipe is salmon! These DIY cat treats are sure to be a hit with Mr. Whiskers and Miss Biggles (We can’t get enough of the funny cat names out there!).
  4. ‘Cat’sicles – For those days when the temperatures get hot, your cat would love nothing more than a cool treat to lick. These cat-popsicles are easy to make, and they will keep your cat occupied for a while as they lick away at them.
  5. Cat Nip Toys – These DIY cat toys are sure to keep your felines occupied for hours! Stuffed with a lot of catnip, these toys are fairly easy to make, requiring just a bit of sewing. Trust us though, you will want to make sure they are sewed together tightly or else catnip might be everywhere! Your cat would not mind that happening, but we can guess that you probably would not be as thrilled!
  6. DIY Scratching Posts– Cats love to scratch; it is in their DNA! They do not, unfortunately, know the difference between what is allowed for scratching all the time and what is off-limits! We found this cool DIY scratching post, and we just had to share it with you! This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very inexpensive to make and your cats will love it. The best part about this is that it can double as a toy by adding a pom pom to the top for their entertainment!

DIY Cat Toys

Since cats typically have a very peculiar taste when it comes to their food and treats, making your own DIY cat treats allows you to customize them based on your kitty’s unique tastes. We hope you have enjoyed this list of our favorite treats and toys that you can make for your feline.

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