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Get Involved with Pittsburgh’s Pet Community: 7 of the Best Organizations for Dog and Cat Lovers

Pittsburgh pet organizations

Have you ever wondered why universities often bring puppies on campus to provide emotional support for stressed college students during finals week?

One reason is because time truly well spent often consists of playing, cuddling, loving, and pampering our four-legged friends. Having a pet of your own can be a serious responsibility that not everyone is ready for, but luckily there are plenty of ways to get involved with the pets in your local community and the organizations that support them without the huge undertaking of bringing a dog or cat into your home permanently.

If you are looking to get involved with pet organizations in Pittsburgh, Pet Palace has done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the top seven places to keep in mind. Whether you’re looking to adopt, donate, or volunteer, we are sure you will find a worthwhile opportunity to explore.

Pet Organizations We Love

Pet rescues are a great place to adopt or volunteer. Not only are you sure to meet other like-minded individuals, but you may just learn a few things about yourself in the process. The commitment to volunteering at your local rescue or shelter is an ideal way to make a positive impact on the well-being of the shelter animals and spread awareness on the benefits of adopting.

Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh

First up, we have the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh or HARP. At HARP, there are plenty of options when it comes to showing your support. Along with adoption, they offer several ways to get involved which include donations, volunteering, fostering, community service, and sponsored events throughout the year. They also operate a wildlife rehabilitation center and two low-cost veterinary care centers.

Paws Across Pittsburgh

Another important player in the game is Paws Across Pittsburgh. This organization offers a regularly updated adoption portal as well as other opportunities such as fostering, volunteering, donating, and individual wish lists for their animals.

Their website also features upcoming community events such as their 12 days of Christmas virtual raffle. They also focus on the importance of smooth transitioning of your recently adopted animals and offer training 101, tips, and FAQs to help you achieve the best experience.

Animal Friends

Animal Friends is a unique organization located in Pittsburgh, PA whose mission has been to save, impact, engage, and enrich the lives of pets and people in their community. They pride themselves on being a full-service companion animal welfare organization whose progressive programs help abandoned animals find their forever homes and rehabilitate those animals in need.

One of their programs in particular, Animal Friends for Veterans, is dedicated to building the relationship between veterans and their pets in order to alleviate the stresses of integrating back into society.

The Foster Farm

The Foster Farm is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of domestic animals. The organization is essentially a network of foster homes based out of the Pittsburgh area that prides itself on helping animals become well-adjusted and healthy before finding the family that best suits their unique personalities. They rely heavily on donations to cover the cost of food, veterinary fees, toys, leashes, collars, and more.

Best Pet Groups and Businesses

One of the best parts about having a pet, along with the amount of unconditional love they show on a daily basis, is how they can bring us together, inspire us, and teach us about ourselves.

It is because of these things that us animal lovers aim to provide the best lives for our pets when we are with them and even when we must be away from them. With this in mind, we went ahead and did some research on the best ways to keep your pets happy and get acquainted with other pet lovers in Pittsburgh.

Meet Up

Meetup.com is a website dedicated to connecting people with like interests. We were delighted to find a number of dog walking, volunteering, and “yappy hour” groups in the Pittsburgh section, ranging from 50-1,000 members.

The great thing about these groups is they are ongoing, and events are regularly scheduled throughout the year. If you are looking to satisfy your pet with extra play time, or even just get out and meet people who love their pets as much as you, joining a Meet Up group in the Pittsburgh area is a great option!


There is nothing better than spoiling your dog or cat with new toys and treats, which is why we had to include Petagogy on our list. Petagogy offers some of the best selections of premium and natural foods and supplies in the Pittsburgh area.

They’ve won numerous awards over the years for their innovative, high-quality products, along with their commitment to serving the Pittsburgh community. They also host events throughout the year with the goal of bringing together pet lovers.

Pet Palace Resort

We’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight our own work, because we’re so proud of it! Pet Palace Pittsburgh provides boarding, grooming, and daycare services year-round, all to give your pet a majestic, comfortable, and enjoyable experience whether you are gone for the day or the week.

We offer custom pricing, a 24/7 pet safe program, optional web cam add-ons, a generous and pet-loving staff, and clean and spacious accommodations for your furry friends. Pet Palace Resort also boasts hundreds of 5-star reviews, and we’re glad we’ve been able to work with so many satisfied customers.

Get Involved with the Pittsburgh Pet Community Today!

Whether you have already found your forever friend, are on the road to pet adoption, or are just looking to get more involved with pet lovers in your community, we hope you found these suggestions helpful.

And if you need pet boarding, grooming, or daycare, be sure to reach out to the team at Pet Palace today because we’d love to meet your pet!

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