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Top 3 Dog Parks in Pittsburgh, PA

Dog parks in Pittsburgh

Looking for a fun way to help your dog release some energy? Are you a Pittsburgh local or a visitor in the area? Grab a frisbee and head to one of the dog parks in Pittsburgh! Below, we included reasons to get outside and visit a dog park with your furry friend, along with some local suggestions.

The Benefits of Visiting a Dog Park

There are numerous benefits that a trip to the dog park can provide. First, it provides a great opportunity to bond with your pup. Giving your dog a little extra attention will only add to their overall happiness.

Next, the large open space gives dogs a lot of room to roam. They also have the ability to socialize with other dogs. Running and interacting will promote both positive physical and mental health for your pup.

Finally, you, as the owner, can enjoy a break from your daily routine while spending some time in the fresh air with your companion. You might even see some other cute dogs during your visit to a Pittsburgh dog park!

Our Favorite Dog Parks in Pittsburgh

Whether you prefer to let your pup roam freely or are more comfortable keeping them on the leash, there are plenty of dog parks in Pittsburgh waiting for your dog to explore. Here are our favorites:

South Side Dog Park

  • If you are looking for views of the water, South Side Dog Park is perfect for you and your buddy! As you travel to the dog park, you will see beautiful views of the Monongahela River on your way.
  • This off-leash exercise area has amenities to best accommodate your dog, including bags, dumpsters, and drinking fountains. You and your pup can travel to 518 E Carson Street in Pittsburgh to check this one out.

Riverview Park in Perry North

  • Let your pup run around while you enjoy the scenery at Riverview Park in Perry North. This dog park allows visitors to view the observatory and nature all at once.
  • Known for its hillsides, this park is the perfect spot to help your pup get a good workout in! It even has two enclosed areas: one for big dogs and another for smaller ones. You can find this fun park at 50 Riverview Ave., Pittsburgh.

Sewickley Heights Borough Park

  • Looking for an option where your dog can really feel free? Sewickley Heights Borough Park offers varied landscapes across 1,000 acres of land.
  • Your dog has the option to be unleashed in varied areas of the property. While this park is located north of Pittsburgh, it is still a great option for locals. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, head to this spacious spot at 238 Country Road, Sewickley.
  • Be sure to check out their website for further regulations and tips on how to best share the paths with other people and their furry friends.

Other Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe

When life gets hectic and you are unable to get your pup to one of the dog parks in Pittsburgh, we encourage you to drop them off at our dog daycare. At Pet Palace Pittsburgh, dog daycare provides your companion with many of the health benefits that dog parks do, along with the attention of a dedicated and friendly staff.

Contact us today to ask about our daycare, boarding, and grooming. We’d love to hear from you!

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