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Is It Safe To Take My Dog To Daycare While I Work?

Dog DaycareWe field a lot of questions about our dog daycare. Is it safe? Which dogs make the best daycare candidates? Why do dogs like dog daycare? To that end, we wanted to address some of our most common FAQs.

Why Do People Take their Dogs to Daycare?

By and large, people take their dogs to daycare because they like their pets to be active and well-cared for in their absence. Many pet parents feel guilty about spending long periods of time away from their dogs, so they’re thrilled to be able to provide their dogs with a fun activity while they’re at work.

Is Dog Daycare Safe?

Absolutely. Our well-trained staff provides your dog with excellent care. In addition to having knowledgeable dog lovers look after your dog, during daycare your pet will also receive:

  • supervised playtime with vaccinated dogs
  • medication/health monitoring if necessary
  • optional special pampering amenities, like gourmet treats

How Do Dogs Spend their Time at Dog Daycare?

At day care, your dog will get plenty of small group supervised playtime with other dogs. When your pet isn’t playing, he’ll be enjoying a nap in one of our comfortable villas, personalized attention from our friendly, experienced staff, regular walks throughout the day, and playtime with his favorite toy.

For pet parents who want grooming as well as day care, we also offer dog bathing, teeth brushing, fur shedding removal, and nail polish application.

Is Dog Day Care Beneficial for All Dogs?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. There are some dogs that would not benefit from daycare. In particular, dogs with the following characteristics should probably skip daycare:

  • Dogs who don’t enjoy interaction with other dogs
  • Dogs who are fearful of other dogs
  • Dogs who fear new environments or new people
  • Aggressive dogs who engage in bullying behavior
  • Dogs who suffer extreme separation anxiety

By contrast, dogs who love playing with others and have lots of energy to spare would love daycare.

How Can I Prepare for Dog Daycare?

To prepare for dog daycare, we recommend you: obtain your dog’s medical/vaccination history, bring your dog to visit a dog park first to assess how much he likes it, create an emergency contact list for our staff that includes your vet information, and feed your dog earlier than usual so he’s had time to digest his food before playtime.

Learn more about Doggy Daycare here, including setting up an online reservation. Likewise, if you’re interested in our Dog Boarding Services, click here. Have a furry feline too? You’ll be happy to know that in addition to our dog services, we also offer 5-star cat accommodations. It’s perfect for pet parents with upcoming trips planned!

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