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Why Spring is a Great Time to Groom Your Pet

grooming your dogJust like it is important to spring clean your home, it is important to keep your pet looking their best too! There is no better time than the spring to consider cleaning their bedding, toys and of course, fur! Whether you prefer to wash your pet at home or you like getting your pet groomed, we cannot stress the importance of pet grooming. We are going to share with you why the spring is a great time to consider professional pet grooming for your dog or cat.

Why is the spring a good time to groom my pet?

There is something so refreshing about cleaning your home after the winter. Now imagine that is how your pet feels after visiting the groomer. Their ears have been cleaned, their nails have been trimmed, their fur has been washed and cut, and they feel fabulous! While we think that professional pet grooming should be done at least a couple times a year, spring is a great time to get them in for a grooming appointment. Over the winter, they have been inside, and they may have excess fur from their winter coat that needs to be removed. This will make them feel and look their very best, just in time for doggy play dates with their furry friends.

Why should I groom my pet regularly?

We cannot stress the importance of regular grooming for your pet. Just like we love to brush our hair, take showers, and feel an overall sense of cleanliness, our furry friends love it too. While they may not love getting wet, they will appreciate the way they feel afterwards. It is important that between professional pet grooming appointments, you keep up with their brushing and toe nail clipping (if possible). This helps to keep their fur from tangling or matting and their toe nails from becoming ingrown (ouch!).

What are the benefits of professional pet grooming?

In addition to the regular, mini-grooming sessions at home with your pet (brushing and toe nail trimming), professional pet grooming is necessary to maintain your pet’s health and wellness. There are a few specific reasons why you should choose to professionally groom your pet:

  • Professional grooming maintains healthy skin and a healthy coat.
  • A grooming professional knows how to properly clean your pet’s ears and inspect them for ear mites.
  • Regular nail trims not only keep the nails short, but they reinforce a healthy foot structure and posture and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Regular grooming visits may result in early detection of issues with their skin, nails, teeth and ears.
  • When your pet has been regularly groomed, you will notice a decrease in shedding.
  • Your pet will look and smell great!

If it has been a while since your last trip to the groomer or your pet has never been, give us a call today. We would love to see your pet and get them looking and smelling their very best! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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